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In our thirty day challenge called back to basics there. I really walk through with the community entity on how to do this. If you would like to get more structure on this and more individualized help I do have coaching cast called refuse to quit again that coaching cast I go through this idea of basic minimum preferred referred really lay it out for you so you can implement it into your own life. Basic concept is starting to learn what behaviors constitute your minimums your basics and then your preferred activities and habits and that's going really be your toggle switch to either holding where you are not quitting you making sure you're maintaining or if you're picking your preferred it means that you're moving forward with your goals. Your weight loss goals your health goals. Whatever the goals Zarya focusing on so for you where you would be looking in the shop is the refused to quit again coaching cast and I really dive deep into those three things that you mentioned so? I hope that helps aren't the next question comes from Rachel. Her question is how do you recover from binge. Eating session aren't so Rachel when I was struggling with my own binge eating before I really worked on my own recovery. Would I would do normally was beat myself up and then the behavior would continue because I felt like well. I've already screwed up so now I might as well just continue on this path and that really is what big time led to my weight gain. It was my binge eating behaviors so when I was really working on prioritizing my binge eating recovery every I realized I had to take point of action where I could and I had tried so many times to stop binging on what I call the front end. which is the avoiding the binged not doing the binge? I tried going thing for a walk taking a bubble bath calling a friend like I did all the things they recommended him books and I just kind of got to the point where I felt really frustrated with that because I felt like nothing I did would ever get me to stop having a bench so then I said Okay and viewed. It is a cycle so heather binges. She then feels horrible about herself. She then attempts to restrict the next day she ends up binging again by the end of the day in the cycle just continues in continues and continues.

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