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The? Current situation our countries in Colin Kaepernick's name has been recirculating in the new cycle. I'm Sierra goodwill here with Emily Lazar in Taylor Kyle's with Roger Goodell's recent statement, admitting wrongdoing on behalf, the League for banning pro peaceful protests on the football field. Things have been brought up about okay if they lift that ban of kneeling during the naturally at them will NFL. Teams now take a chance on Colin Kaepernick in one team in particular, the New England patriots could potentially be a team that should consider bringing in panic for workout. Yeah I. Think the Roger Goodell's Statement I. Pay my jaw off the floor when he said that right because. After all this with Cabernet with the kneeling with the president, and all his stuff now you're gonna say all these years later that it's okay. I I was shocked I couldn't believe he walked that back. And as soon as he said that the first thing that I tweeted out right afterwards in myself was well. This is this is a May couple of cabinet in this is. Is a clean slate for him. He should have a clean slate here and he should not only be broadened for workouts, but he should be on a roster in the NFL. By the end of the summer. Really I would say and I think the biggest thing standing in his way is not actually talent, or the kneeling or anything like that anymore, but now that you're. You're three years removed from football. It's Kinda difficult to find out. What exactly is he? At thirty two years old three years removed from the game. What can you bring to the table anymore? Does he still have the straight? Does he still have the mobility because he's still have the a little bit semblance of accuracy, although it's never really the most accurate passer he. He was always a guy that could at least put the ball. Worry wanted more times than not, and that's going to be. The question is what these workouts with these tryouts whatever it ends up being..

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