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Can have in DC with what everybody's doing in the state to make sure we're maximizing all the resources that are available to us. I want to ask you about another California leader. And that's a captain Brett crozier from Santa born in Santa Rosa He's this week you sign onto a letter to the navy asking it to detail. Safety precautions for sale sailors in light of what happened on the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier which the chronicle the story which the chronicle student sorry like what? What am I supposed to tell you that? Come on. Let on. He's home going? I gotTa do you. Do you think you seeing him for his Senate. Look at the White House. Do you think the captain a wreck. Roger should be reinstated. I mean I you know I I only know a little bit about it so I don't know that I'm in a position to say. Yes I do believe that. This is a moment where we need. Leaders who are transparent. Speak the truth and not as any political reprecussions because they embarrassed somebody. I don't know rules of the Navy. I don't I don't i. That's why has a one way or another because I don't know what the protocols are reasons of protocols enough to to give you an opinion about his firing hiring but I do admire that he was candid. I do believe that he spoke out of the spirit of concern and protecting his people. And I get that I get that you want to make sure that you're safe and So Ego and and senator I mean not to add a layer of for volley on. What is a serious situation and it is very serious but I think we also all as Americans are learning a little bit about more about ourselves as we shelter in place in about our spouses and You know I've heard you say that you and doug are cooking up a storm and you are. You are known to be a pretty avid chef So I wanNA know Algebra Salem's Jeff Yes. Yes but what's what's what's your best quarantine meal and like much of the country. Do you have a sour dough starter going you know our in our apartment in DC right so But I will tell you who. I've been doing a lot of like many people I stocked up on dried beans and so like I eat garbanzo beans split peas lentils and I have like many different ways like last night And then you know what I've been doing also everything that I'm clicking on cooking at least twice as much of it so that I can freeze half of it because there is just no way to cook every meal every day and keep you know doing what I need to do. In terms of my role as a senator so but so like I did this big pot like been black beans so they also get. Here's the thing about stocking up. Okay got to have good good salt. Bijon mustard garlic if you had and then always keep on hands and peppers like Serano and in you know at least a Coupla non-holiday paying no there's almost anything you can do. If you have some of those basic ingredients and onions I have become a hoarder of. I'm I think we have our headline now Harris Hordes. I mean because we we are really trying not to go to the grocery store to off and has every right so when we go we go and get everything but anyway so last night we had the black beans and they're just phenomenal. But I also have kept like chipotle and other dried chillies and then you know you could do that if you be for pork. You can make like Ryan that up and make a nice marinade over night. Just do like some minced garlic with that and a little chili powder and roasts. That thing really slowly. That's the other thing. I'm now doing a lot of slow cooking because I am home all day long so it can have these great recipes. That just you know. Put that Dutch oven in the oven for four hours. And it's magical there. Wow I think we've got a whole youtube series cooking with. I'm going to sign you up for another podcast affect if this keeps going on and it probably is gone for a while longer when you do go to grocery store get dried beans like. I have to do the night before just so come like I do white ends and with like an Italian away and just Cook Them. And then after they're cooked just saute up some chop rosemary and garlic in olive oil about a quarter. I throw a candidate. Tomatoes and trump carefully. Of course it so come on and it just anyway. Yeah recipe book to come there. Go looking forward to it. Thanks so much for being on. It's all political. It's good to talk to you. Stay healthy I'd like to thank you all for listening and I hope that you and your family remain healthy. I'd like to thank Senator Harris for joining us from DC. I'd like to thank my colleague. Chronicle Washington correspondent. Talk Open for joining me. Today I'd like to thank the King King Kaufman for producing today's episode and remember whether you're forty onions during the pandemic orbit pizza delivered every night. It's all it's all political as a production of the San Francisco. Chronicle our executive editor is Audrey Cooper. Our theme music are wonderful music. That I love against me. Jazzed up is catechal written by Randy Clark and perform Randy Clark on cross on support. It's all political and the newsroom that creates by signing up for a chronicle membership. It's very easy you just go to. Sf CHRONICLE DOT com slash pod..

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