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His wife lost the election because of a hack and so now he can say he has a personal motivation and it's just the perfect brand singer so this exactly what it is and this book is him laying down is flag he's playing i should say planting that flag and i i don't know we play a little more if you want but i think it's i think it's a great great position for bill i don't think it's gonna work but yeah really keeping up with the advances and subra warfare and so i think that you know one of the things i hope will happen as people say we should really be more on this are we finding enough do you think to the threat of foreign meddling in our elections the cyberattack on our elections is a security threat because one of the goal of of any thought government is to create total disillusionment this cord in the electorate if they have democracies and completely abolish the line between fact and fiction truth and lie because they do that then the voters can't possibly know what are they're making a good decision or not so it's one step from there to just packing in is it hard in this day and age too right washington fiction because washington reality is so john dropping in the morning and you think i love that question the house of cards question only they just rephrase it in different ways now there's a particular story when it comes to cyber security that we followed for while and it spun up during the elections yes and that was when the department of homeland security was doing sort of weak penetrate penetration testing simply check imports trying to do some basic database log ins but it really started this conversation about securing local elections securing local databases and election quote unquote hacking and that's a phenomenon that you're good buddies my friends over at crowd strike are going to just completely capitalize on crowd strike ceo goes on bloomberg to essentially say hey if you have federal funding to spend we'll help you spend it again like i said let me plug chris and chase cyber security consulting group llc is at your service.

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