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Far side of the rink to the near side, Pat. Patsy wandering too much there. Go ahead. Go ahead because you don't want. Effort. Here's Sammy Walker now picking up after to flip it to you by McLaughlin. They go off the ice, right? Now's the gophers in the midst of a meanwhile, the Irish come back here is Cam Burke, Burke brothers, four Notre Dame. No relation at all. To Minnesota's Nathan Burke back in the point Slager, suits. Great on goal. And that was a fine gloves say by Matt Robson. I don't know if it's conservative conservatives is on the part of Notre Dame. But they've got every line involved already. And we're only not even three minutes, really short line shifts. And and, you know, not not a lot of pressure on the offensive end salt. Let's see if they're gonna just try to shut it down for a while. Minnesota's fourth line on the ice right now. Strap radius centering that Jack Ramsay on the right wing and Jarett wait on the left wing. It hasn't seen a whole lot of action here in his freshman season for the gophers to center ice come the Irish and into the Minnesota zone. It's knocked off the stick of Alex fees by the back checking efforts over Garrett. Wait. And that's what Bob Moscow told you before the game while he is that he wanted to get a little energy out of Garrett weight, and he's provided that on his initial shiftier. You know, what given the opportunity you better want to? And I think you'll see that out of Garrett today hasn't been buying them for a while. Brian's Ohlsdorf behind his own net starts Minnesota back slides it off to his right for nanny. Tyler straight up the middle. Crosses the line lodges a long shot on goal juicy rebound it out, then almost whack at home. But it was deflected behind the goal by their goaltender kale Morris. Now nanny receives a Pasco point. Shot on goal booted out by the right, Pat of Morris. Yeah. Good shift for Tyler there. Followed a shot and then. Got the rebound attempt. And then had another attempt scoreless. Just over four minutes into the opening period here three marina, mariuchi Notre Dame down the left side. It's Cam Morrison. Just off the play gophers regain possession in their own zone. Minnesota golden uniform pass down the right side finds gates going straight up the middle. But he's surrounded by three Irish lost the pot. Notre Dame is Bobby Bonilla their leading score and one of the top scoring players in the country on defense. Minnesota games an interception. A threaded through a too far for she. Oh, I think she he if he would have skated he would've skated right into that kind of held up a little bit. Notre Dame, regaining possession of Cal Berkeley. Older of the two Burke brothers gets it across ISIS launched back in behind the Minnesota. Gophers lifted high in the air as both teams change on the fly and della. We'll circle back on blue line for Notre Dame. Left side pass brings the Irish across the gopher blue line. They swallow up. Delivers it down into the left corner. Back in behind the Minnesota and related the blue line for tomorrow, brisk sock over to the left wall. There's a shock from there. But a walk off of the scape. Gophers regained possession, but Stasi will hustle back into his own zone. A pick up the loose puck. He's tied up. But does manage poke the center ice with one hand on this day? Here comes a Larry across the goal for line looking from all grossest kicked out of his reach. Doc behind the gopher goal. Tommy Novak cakes it over to the left wing boards. Looks high into the air deflected knocked down at center. Norman brings it across the line from McManus going. The way to the edge of the crease in boss off the Pat of Morris slid save and a good I five minutes for Tommy Nova yet. Novak will be our guest in our first year. We'll get his thoughts on how the period progresses. He has a right now plays the back behind his scoreless over six minutes into the game. Door. Ryan Norman tip off the glass to center. Dhamma the defenseman. Nick Lieberman out of Eden. Tori. A lot of across the gopher bul line for Pierce Crawford. Proffered an assistant last night's game. Only the first point in the year for him. Now, it's Crawford picking up once more in the Minnesota zone. Drops it off to a fresh center on the ice pool. Bunka provocative bull line for peak. Now. Peak receives it back on the right Asadollah corner. Good playmaking by the Irish the Minnesota zone. Working round greatly Slager long shot is off target pitching. In from the point of some finest center. It's block come by McLaughlin. Trust robbed them by McLaughlin. Walker shot is blocked by going to one knee. And then we have a whistle. Anna time out knockdown LA stick. We'll step aside for a first break of the game. It is scoreless. The gophers have a five to one edge in shots on goal. This is golden gopher hockey from.

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