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C Now Here's Frank Murano. Well, I may be frank with you. There are a lot of reasons to leave New York City, and by all accounts, people are leaving in droves. There's a trend it there's a new gold rush in realestate, essentially anywhere out of New York City, and it started in the spring when school was cancelled in many areas. It's gained steam as companies have allowed workers to continue working from home in some cases forever. And as question marks have arisen over in person school this fall, which there's still a giant question mark about that people don't seem in exactly in a hurry to come back to New York City. And there's a lot of reasons to leave New York City. Let's be honest. People are shooting at each other, like it's the Wild West. Actually, that's kind of a poor example. Because in the Wild West, you actually had some law enforcement people like Wyatt ERP and Bat Masterson. Who's that sheriff that shot Billy. The kid was a bill. I'll look it up, Bailey. Whatever that sheriff that famous, you're so hear our idea of responding to the increase in shootings more people shot in New York City this year than all of last year, by the way, Um Our idea of how to respond to the rise in shootings is not to bring in wider per bat Masterson its to defund the police. Of course, that's what it is. It takes forever to get anywhere. Costs a fortune to live here, whether you're a renter or whether you're trying to buy something costs a fortune. You can't live here. And actually afford TTO have any money left over? There is pandemic homelessness because apparently the homeless of the only people that actually can't afford to live here. It's and speaking of pandemics, if this pandemic which very well might be here to stay in perpetuity. It may not be wise to live in a place where everybody is on top of one another on the subways on buses and apartment buildings in workplaces and elevators. And politically, let's face it. We live in a one party city that has actually pretty much become a one party state and happens to be a party that I'm not a member ofthe so rough. It seems like there's not a meaningful way to participate in city life. It's a government who, even though here in New York City, we're facing a fiscal crisis. We have people shooting each other, like crazy. Deadly pandemic and a tremendous morale crisis. Their idea in city government of how to fix it is Moving Thomas Jefferson statue out of City Hall. That's what city city politicians or dealing with these days. That's the easy stuff. Course there's an overall general level of filth, which has only gotten worse. Protests on pretty much a daily basis. Which have too often involved Things like vandalizing statues. Spray painting BLM on George Washington statue defacing churches like ST Patrick's Cathedral, setting fire to garbage in the middle of the street. While people people are trying to eat because of course, restaurants are still closed open everywhere else in the state closed here in New York City. So there's a lot of reasons to go. And I'll be honest with you. I and staying put I am staying here now. Why? Why, In the face of all those things, pandemic, homelessness, an actual pandemic, a general level of filth, rising crime well and on And for the even with all that it still cost a fortune, Olivia. Why stay? Well, yeah, the fact that all of my fondest memories or here this city, for better or worse is helped make me who I am. Even with all the restaurant closures, this city still has the best restaurants in the world, even though They weren't really open until I guess tomorrow we have the finest cultural and art institutions in the world and whether you're talking about The shoreline of Coney Island in Brooklyn, the cobblestone streets of Tribeca and Manhattan, the greenery of Central Park or the view of the Statue of Liberty that you can really on Li get on the Staten Island Ferry. New York City has the most beautiful sights in the world I could do to ours. On just my reasons to stay, and I drive my wife crazy because she sees what a house costs in Waco, Texas, or in New Jersey, or just about anywhere else other than New York City. And she sees that that same price while you get imagine in Waco, Texas, you could essentially get a closet. In New York City. And I could do Ah, Whole show about all my reasons to stay, but ultimately I think it could be summed up by the most melodious sound in the world, at least to my ear. The sound of a New York accent. I can't think of anything more beautiful. I absolutely love a good solid New York accent. So Our city might be going down the tubes. But if that's the case, I am going down with the ship like the captain in Titanic. Did. The captain goes down with the Titanic? I think he did. Certainly the band. The band went down with the Titanic. They were playing. So that's it. I am the I'm the clarinet player on the band in the in the in the band on the Titanic. I am going down with the ship. On. I'll tell you my friend Curtis Lee. What One of the things that I really admire him for is his philosophy and his parents philosophy, quite frankly, because his parents, so I knew I knew them and above them. They were the last two white people to live in Kunar see all of their neighbors from the fifties, the sixties and seventies. They all moved away elsewhere elsewhere elsewhere. They were still living in Cannes, RC until the literally the day the day they died. Because Justice Lee was attitude. Wass improved, Don't move, and that's kind of Curtis's whole M o, and it's mine. So I'm sticking it out here. I'm going down with the ship. But Based on what we're seeing. I may be the only one left..

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