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Up, another guy that I got a lot of questions about and I do want to answer at least one of them because I think Johnny Davis is really interesting. Zack tran at Zachary trend 19 asked, can you see Johnny Davis moving into the late lottery slash mid first round discussion by the end of the year? If so why, if not, why not? I'll be honest, I think Johnny Davis is there right now. I would probably have Johnny Davis right around the number 15 mark on my personal board. The why is that his athleticism and strength combination? I think translates really, really well to the next level. He's somewhere in the 6 four four 6 5 range he has long arms. He's strong as hell. He's tenacious. He switchable one through three, I think, defensively. He could have some problems with some of the quicker ones at the NBA level, but I don't really see him having too much trouble with twos and threes. And I think that his strength level particularly might even allow him to be a manageable player down onto the threes and fours that are a little bit bigger and longer than he is. So on the defensive end, I'm a big fan. Offensively, we've seen some real shot creation stuff that I think will translate pretty well to the next level, not to say that he's going to be like a primary option for anyone. But I do think that he is someone that will be able to attack in a straight line off of a closeout whenever he gets a reversal. He's going to be able to knock down shots, I think, in a pretty reasonable clip. I kind of see him as a guy that if you're in that ten to 15 range, I think he's a totally reasonable pick right now in the other part of the Johnny Davis experience that I think has been really, really good is the consistency..

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