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Dj has played this I. Feel like this was big when I was in high school like for proms and Shit like that people are going I i. feel like this is like when I was in high school, this would come on during basketball games all the time is being played. Now this was this was a big one. This was a life changer oh man. South Carolina. It's a big thing for play, Carolina Mass. Yeah. I mean it's a whole fucking performance right? Yeah I mean listen Casey. Euro Weirdo you and John Weirdos, why do I have to have this conversation got to leave. Well. He's not on the show. Well Yeah. But like you're gonna I, need my I need somebody to back me up here. I don't know honestly. I. Know I know were Weirdos. But what I don't understand is why the hug yesterday is what did it I mean? We all felt very. If? Felt like you know you went in there and hugged him and we're like trying to like solidify your pick I was. Yeah, I mean it's Weird I. Mean it's not weird. It's well, it is weird because your coworkers what It's like you know we're GONNA like. We're going to like it was like a hug from behind it was weird. I don't know what you of all people are surprised. I'm not surprised I always thought you guys are Weirdos but that's like that's fine you. Like Other people are seeing it now, I think people have been seeing Lake Yeah. On on camera during a draft no. No Camera. I've seen it. So on camera. Yeah. How did you see I? Think you know stool scenes or something I think? Maybe I didn't see the aftermath of it. I don't know. But again, I don't I don't think that it's weird I mean I realize that people think that John and I have a weird friendship but his girlfriend and I also very close friends and so it's just a weird. Yeah. That's weird. But like It's not just now happening it's been going. I think now it's on display. All right whatever. It's GonNa Stop So. I think only gonNA get worse only get weirder I mean like there at some I was so happy when he finally posted a photo of him and his girlfriend just so people would be like just stop thinking that I was dating juicy. That's weird. But I was happy when the photo was posted I I actually like I was not in the city when they posted that I was out of town and the person I was having dinner with I stopped the conversation was like this is a big win for me. I'm not going to get tagged and everyone thinking that John Mayer dating that's what I mean so. The way that you guys were all behaving is leading people to think that you guys are banging people thought I was begging. Marty. He's fading my sister like it's all weird but it's not been rumored to be begging in this office Kevin. Name One person I don't know Zaire. Rumors out there gets. is like white girl fat ass run. Know but I mean that. I understand that our friendship is weird I also just don't care. No I don't expect you to either but okay, well, it is. What is It is kind of weird but I mean you were you and I are also really close friends and it's Nobody thinks we're banging. Of Kevin Please, those rumors were flying around for a while too. I mean I mean. It's just comes territory with me. You know what I mean, hint. It's just I mean I, I'm being very serious anybody who I have done direct content with in this office for the last two and a half years. There has been a rumor at some point about. Yes. No Way people have tweeted I completely Joe. nope. No people have tweeted like saying that they are sure that we are like secretly banging his wife Hates me Oh my God worst yeah. People I'd like it on record that none of these rumors are true. I. Guess It's not at all not even doing show. Dole laugh out loud at that I'm during the show on Sunday. Okay. We'll. Will you be doing the show basically under protest or will you be happy to be doing the show? I will be doing my Kevin. War. That is that that sentence here I don't get file. US Yeah. Yeah Yeah I will be doing the show on Sunday because it is my hill, you'll be. Smiling and laughing while recording unnecessary roughness, the college football podcast featuring Casey's Brenda Walker on Sunday. TVD. Will there be an argument not about football. On Sundays episode of unnecessary frustration case cases, the Brandon Walker, the college football pockets sports probably not. Because you two are avoiding said argument or because you think there is peace between Casey, some the bread and Walker the host of Reference, Cultural Schaumburg Sports TV. Boy Oh, boy. Is this the biggest drama? Is this the biggest host drama? At barstool sports. Besides, call her daddy ever. I wouldn't think so. Now, name another incident. Of name another incident of hosts not recording an episode again, sons call her daddy. Well see the fact that you don't know how it all trans like came about transpired the word I was looking for my brain. It will make more sense because it's not like I just like refuse to record. That's not what happened like there's more that goes into this. When? Sophie in Stein. Neither one. Quite. Yeah. Definitely not it's not anything. It's not anything like that. It's. Nobody's not comparable. Hypothetically speaking, let's put it this way to describe. Unnecessary case Brandon Walker in terms of call her daddy well, we can would be, okay Alex. who let me let me I'll tell you the stuff that was already out on the Internet that can until you. Basically. What happened was? The animus take aim always has very high stakes because obviously I went to Anaheim he went to Mississippi State I felt like doing a lame bet for that game would not draw attention to the game itself and he didn't WanNa make a huge bet because of what happened last year where he had address up like the yell leaders or the Milkman as you guys would say in my head, I'm like well, no one's GonNa. Actually care about this game on the college football showroom unnecessary roughness if there's not high stakes involved, well, I'm also just not like a great bet. Maker I lose I will bet money I'm going to bet money with brandon. Walker so in my head I was like, well, you know who's really good at this is Dan. Cats who was also on the college football show I went to Dan and I said I want you to make the bet sat on the college football show and Allegri to whatever as long as I'm not shaving my head permanently like fucking my body up I'll do whatever now I'm being accused of quote knowing for sure that going to win that game, which is just not true just absolutely not. The Spence Yeah it was, and it was evens the point it was the Dave Portnoy spray with six six and a half, and let's make it seven. So like at the time when the game actually kicked off, it was five and a half. So I I was. I was behind the ball on this and so. I was nervous just because again, being an I'm always going to be nervous but long story short brandon ended up having to drive home and it was because I and I put an air quotes went behind his back to make them have to drive home. This is not what happened. Dan Changed the bet and yes, I did do that quote behind his back but for the sake of content and it was funny. He was very upset about that. He quote suspended me from the PODCAST and locked the podcast store and wouldn't let me in and slid a note under the door that I was suspended from the podcast and that I couldn't record till Sunday and so I just sat like, Bang my ring on the door for a long time we were just recorded five oh five. That podcast until five, fifty, five, zero not you waited forty.

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