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Headline fatigued this week are you dinner uh donati fatigued this week are you sort of feeling it i'm getting this from a lot of people right now that they're feeling a little bit like oh and i and i wanted to scrap the conversation i had to you because i found it so alarming now you would think after doing a for all these years that i wouldn't be alarmed at much but i had a reporter on the show from syria and she was really good and in fact i believe everything she said about syria she she was right on the money and it turned out to be very very true what she said so i'm not questioning that but it was very interesting to me when i questioned government freebies and i questioned socialism and the minute i did she shutting offer page and i mentioned this yesterday shut me offer page wouldn't let me in act with people were asking me questions about capitalism they were mockingly asking me questions but i was answering them and i had some pretty darn good answers and not just the basic principles not not crony capitalism corporate but but i was more talking just about the basics is kind of like a little kid owns a lemonade stand hard day's work gets the prophet puts it in his little jr let's say the parents took it and they did something nefarious with it okay that's not the little kids fault for making the money in luoyang a hard day's labour wanting to keep his his coins okay the parents ran off with the money and did something our government runs often does things that have nothing to do with the ideology of capitalism that that you and i enjoy is a mom and pop era or whatever away there's a lot of freedom and liberty attached to the free market system hence so this group is so hellbent on on being so locked in and this is a truth seeking group this is not a group that i would have thought was sold drinking the koolaid of socialism but i was told in a message i was literally told in a message that i had a.

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