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Hillary shapiro this is morning meeting on boston herald radio just this week kevin frank i was talking to scott i and about you know not particularly about you actually i don't think you came up at all unfortunately but your your candidate pretty much i mean all roads end up scott i and thanks so much for joining us come frank is is in studio today i haven't had a conversation with kevin frank by noon going through or if you haven't mentioned kevin frank in the conversation because that's pretty much our if we are not talking to him we're talking about him that's awesome another yet another big day of local state political news kevin had a really good points i think this morning about the timing the timing of this and of course the clear indication of what could happen when it comes to rosenberg in what the senate maybe wants to do here the the idea that these special investigators didn't find that he broke a single rule and also that they waited until the day after signatures are due to file this seems to indicate that maybe they wanna let him linger on or something point which i don't always usually doing a lawyer but the you know the salaciousness of the of are pretty come out but the when you read the complaint it's pretty clear that other than you know sort of key the spirit of the firewall was violated and he different understanding of it but then they do it seems interesting to me that stan rosenberg when there was disagreed activity from from then able to put blinders on firewall up as we came to his personal relationship which personal relationship but i think you can understand but the i think the uptick would not the actual you know win the attorney general and several senators who are going to stay in the body and others start saying that you need to leave i think that's hard to sort of write out if you're stand i'm not sure based on the report if i'm sure if stan rosenberg understands what an actual firewall is some searching sections where he and his attorney explained that by firewall with some sort of filter communications with i mean just not i'll firewalls work right he basically the the attorney was arguing there was no way i mean listen this is a spouse there's no way to expect that the spouses never going.

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