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Oh yeah. Wouldn't you wanna do drugs if you're in that predicament. Like or if you were a drug addict and you need it to survive like what the fuck do you care. it's either you give them money for. It's still they still need money. And why is it and that is something that we all need to decolonize from our brains. Is this classes system. That's keeping us all down that if you are if you have a little bit more money than an in house person you now get to decide what that unhealthy person does with the money that you give to them. Do you absolutely unhinged there would be if you gave an unhealthy person like twenty dollars and you came back the next day. And why would you do with that twenty. Let me seats. Let me see the fruits of their. Yeah let me so you have your gimme a smile. Like give me a smile on my god. Yeah it's yeah go for it should be given is because honestly like why. Don't we just not talk about. If gofundme defies out go is trying to establish themselves as a legitimate platform for cowed funding for liberated. Admit they wrote ability yeah. I'm sure that they're like oh if we don't do this they'll all of our stuff could be scams like i i get it. It is a weird place though. It's a it's a weird like a gray moral kind of like. Yeah yeah but also should here. This is your fall like he should've just got half of money. Two hundred thirty four thousand dollars should have gone that. Peggy jo- done that joan Pills real bitch. Yes he would have never done that. Man peggy joe was alive during go fund me man. Oh we would stand up absolutely but guys that brings us to. The end of this episode. dams was fine. James's song good talking to you. What a blast. What a blast lacy it said so good talking to you. It's a mischievous been man. This is just fun for me like i. I forgive people are going to listen to this But i think it'd be fun for you guys to i know but James always asked. Where do you want to be found. you can try. You can find me on twitter or instagram J. mas- eleven eleven. I also would encourage you to check out. The instagram of the comedy co l. a. which is A workers cooperative comedy theater that we're currently starting a group of us In a steering committee and we're looking to start theater that that pays comedians and You know gives comedians agency over the conditions which they perform and allows them to be a part of the direction of the theater so Full check it out. Thank you for doing this work. Because that's been one of the real thing. I was sad about for young actors like not having the community that we had coming out. And say my first improv teacher. Lord chen wrote florida. Girls and james was on improv. Team with her in like she like you know we all ended up in her show in some capacity. You on the writer side in onscreen in me on like you know like and that was because of the community that we had where we can meet like minded people and come up together and work together so thank you so much for joining that. James really really drop that instagram name. One more time for the folks in the comedy co op the comedy co op. Ya yeah guys as always scam. Got his pod jimoh dot com to your friends and family. Just make sure your scams retired because we don't want what yes. Fuck up your bag if you wanna find us online scam got his pot on all platforms if you wanna find me. The ivy l. a. d. lacy on all platforms guys. All my shows extreme right now. Any florida girls. I'll show max black lady sketch show on. Hbo mags all. The max is honey and then all the episode carly on paramount plus. So if you wanna bench. They're all out there now. congregation taken off from peggy. Joe and rob ask for what used to serve. stay scheming. this has been an ear. We'll production in association with team coco scammed out of stars and is hosted by me lacey. Mosley aka scam got it is produced by judith cargo engineered by marina east and research by kaelin brandt. Stay scheming at target. Your dollar goes further. You'll find great deals and low prices on everything. Your family needs like a two liter bottle of coca cola soda. Just one dollar and eighty nine cents. And that's just the start at target. The low prices never end. Prices may vary..

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