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Gotten from Logan, see what we've gotten from John Bates as well. We're going to anticipate those guys here and giving it a go this week coming up to see where they are. And that should help us as we start planning for the first week of the season. And that'll be, of course, Washington hosting the Jaguars Sunday, September 11th in landover, a 1 o'clock kick. Right now I'm preseason action giants and jets with the JETS of three zero start of the second quarter, and in racing, former the one returned after a summer break earlier today, Max Verstappen won the Belgium Grand Prix soccer at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Last place DCU at Atlanta United FC, Jay Brooks WTO P sports. It's top stories we're following for you today on WTO P, it's back to school tomorrow in several big area school systems, including D.C., prince George's county, and Montgomery county. President Trump is criticizing the heavily redacted affidavit that was used to get a warrant to search his Mar-a-Lago estate. The Justice Department says the redactions protect sensitive information such as witness identities. Investigation by the office of the inspector general for education has found that the prince George's county board of education chair one need a Miller, the acting general counsel and the chair of the ethics advisory panel violated aboard policy. The recommendation is now for the county board of education to revisit their guidelines to ensure they're obtaining fair prices for services. Stay with WTO for more on these stories and just minutes. How far would you be willing to move for your job? How about Mars? That's the unique premise of no place to go with signature theater. It's got a lot of metaphors in it. A lot of comments on America and corporations and people. Actor Bobby Smith plays George who must decide whether to move to Mars for his corporate job, which would mean uprooting his family and giving up his life as a playwright and composer in New York City. You can move with your job to Mars and keep making those same money you were making and leave your family or you stay in New York City and try to be an artist without a job. As George daydreams in his office a band appears

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