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You drive angry and they drive off a cliff. I was reading recently. That during the filming. And i'm assuming it's during that scene he got bit Two or three times by the groundhog. Your your that at all. And and i'm assuming it's during the scene where he's got. He's driving in the truck with the groundhog. Because there's no other part of the movie where he's that close to the groundhog to where he can get bit but yeah apparently he got it was. They were so concerned about the bites that he ended up getting rabies shots. I yeah i just kinda learned at the other day. This past groundhog day has almost every year. I try to watch groundhog day on groundhog day. Cheesy as hell right. But i do it and i had it on. Vhs up until this last groundhog day because vhs took a dive it was on. Its last leg. And i almost couldn't get it out of the vcr 'cause like the tape. The vcr was like eating the tape out of the reels or whatever. I'm sure you experience that probably a long time ago. 'cause i'm probably the last person on the planet that's still has a vcr. Don't have any lack. But i did. I do remember exactly you're talking about because of my favorite movies died. That was you see exactly but but anyway yeah so i was. I was looking up some things about the film. Some interesting facts and that was one of the lump tournament. what else was something else. That was interesting. But i think the ned ryerson scenes are some of my favorites because we all have that person we went to high school with or whatever and we tried to avoid them and pump blake if we see them like shit like i don't wanna see this guy because he's doing. No i want you to buy this. And i'm doing this now. You should totally by my thing or you know whatever whatever it is and so the whole ned. Ryerson thing is great. I think one of my favorite facts about the movie too is that they were doing the math. Like how long who's in the loop for no they. They don't really have like a definitive. But it's anywhere between ten and three years. He was going through the loop seriously. Yeah wow that's crazy. I don't remember who wrote the screenplay for that. And i'm sure it's probably based on a book like everything else is i do know that it's Wow now i'm going to forget his name of director's name. I'm forgetting his name. And i'm going to have to look that up now. 'cause herald ramos there. We go Herald ramos was the hill. Raymond yeah it was herald ramos. I'm up my movies. And i guess i was gonna say yeah and i guess says he actually wrote it with someone else so which i guess isn't surprising but i don't know i. I just have a soft spot for that movie. I think i mean. That's my favorite bill. Murray movie and i think it's one of his best known as a very very good bill. Murray movie i don't know is it my favorite. That's a good question to. I'll a big fan of the steve zizou life. I have never seen life aquatic. Very different bill murray role but very good bill murray role a lot of movies around that time like lost in translation. And all that they were those were very different. In my opinion there are kind of weird. You know it's still funny in a way. Because like he's not he's not like slapsticky he's like sarcastic funding throughout the entire movie is it's really good Another movie i just never really got super into was scrooge. I just never could get into that one to watch it a few times and i was like it's not for me. Yeah i i guess that was also kind of weird you know. It's like a weird t. That's the one obviously screws christmas christmas story. So since we're on the topic of movies. I know when you had me on the nonsense podcast I think it was like i. I was spying like your movie posters. And i'm trying to think of i think it was a hitchcock movie poster that i spied in the background which migrate there Nor was it northwest by. What's that movie. called by. northwest northbound. Okay it is cary grant to catch a thief right. Okay yes okay. Now i remember. I knew it was a very grim. Remember which one it was. So what's where did Where did you get interest in older films like that. A mother hundred percent my mother She likes old movies and stuff. I remember being a little kid. Downstairs watching You know the the end of the philadelphia story with her which is k. grant and Kari grant james dealer in katherine hepburn all star studded cast for the time. Yeah and For years and years you've had hanging in the house. She has breakfast at tiffany's poster-hanging she hasn't into wonderful life poster-hanging now with milo further even more of them hanging throughout the house She got me watching all his old movies. And i love them. I love even the campy ones. I love it. It's just fun to watch. Because it's all based around the acting whether they overreact or whether it's just right on acting all based around the act and gives them how limited they were set and all that stuff the great movies. Yeah and suburban some of this stuff going back to that era. Some of the stuff that they were able to pull off with special effects was still pretty cool. I mean you obviously when you look at it. Now you're like oh wow like if the head was fake or whatever but for the time considering like you're like oh that's the head to actually pretty decent like you know they. They had to physically make those special effects which is just so and that went for like everything they had to make these things and black and white especially on film so hired to shoot like the lighting and everything mattered so much yeah So what i mean. So what are your do. You have like an all time. The top five or top ten of like or partial. Louisa marshall this certain actors or definitely a love. He's great great i. I love watching his acting. Big james stewart fan humphrey bogart. Obviously three of the biggest.

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