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September might be realistic next time that we all get together. I don't know but i'm ready to go. I have four. I've sung four songs for that record. I probably won't need that many if everybody steps up does their kind of three songs. But i'm willing to throw four songs on the record. I was impressed with how not not only have open. You were about getting bell's palsy but immediately had a picture of yourself. We unite discuss this a little bit before. But i i dealt with this in late march early april last year. So i'm in queens. And it was like really when. Kobe was really starting to hit new york city. Yeah i sorta. I compared for several months of dealing with Denote sitting shiva is in jay. Do yes so part of part of sitting shiva is that you cover all the mirrors okay and there was just a period. I wouldn't do a zoom calls with my coworkers partially. Because i couldn't speak you know i was having difficulty with close so peas in apps for getting caught. You had the picture of you and you were just like. Hey here's what's going on. Well i forget the time line. I got it in january. And i feel like i didn't post about it until march. Maybe i don't remember exactly. But but i did set. I put up. My wife was encouraging me to post about it. I didn't want to post about it. Because i was thinking. I don't have to be in the world maybe a couple of months from now Maybe i'll be better. And i'm not gonna want this picture to exist. You know. and she encouraged me to say she's like you got thirteen thousand followers or something. It's like take them on the journey. I mean at some point. You're going to have to admit that that's what's going on. And so why not you just come good with it so i was nervous about it because i didn't want to get a bunch of sympathy fulltime job with having to respond to people about how sorry they were whatever and i also didn't want to make it look like i was headed any worse than anybody else who experienced these things. Those kinds of things you know. I didn't want to be accused of you know whatever it would be called the disaster capitalism equivalent of anyway. So i had this picture where i really felt like i looked like i had looked like melted candle like it was really pretty severe and i was. I had something written in i. I didn't have the heart to press sand or share or whatever. I don't know if i can do this in my wife just like okay loan. So i wasn't motivated the same way. Well anyway it's it was fine but then then it got picked up by the canadian press and then it was like an all these like newspapers. People calling me for comment was like well. What am i going to say like a not an expert. I don't know if i'm doing it right. I went for a steroid shot the night that it happened. Like i noticed that couldn't spit in the sink. And then i went to the hospital in got a steroid shot and and i think that's what you're supposed to do. I feel pretty good now. Like it's been been months and months a feeling pretty good so anyway i was a little bit felt bad that like most known picture of me now is bell's palsy picture. I'm totally happy with mine. I'm a totally Mostly just relieved. That i didn't lose my my hand like i was like. Is this a stroke. Like am i gonna lose my left hand. And then i'm really i'm done. What can i do. I think we were all in different boats. Because you live in canada..

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