US and allied naval commanders in Mideast transit Strait of Hormuz, in show of force against Iran


The midi used to base commanders of three navies have taken part in a show of force against Iran. From the guided missile destroyer USS Paul Hamilton, DDT 60. There's nothing necessarily unusual about vice admiral Brad Cooper, the navy's top midi's commander, being on a warship in the Strait of Hormuz, but this part is incredibly rare. Privilege to be joined by my French counterpart and UK counterpart. The three navies were showing a unified approach to keeping the narrow waterway at the Persian Gulf's mouth open to commerce. It is critical to the world's economy, Cooper says, Tehran is trying to disrupt it. Iran has seized or attacked 15 ships in the last two years. The allied naval presence is aimed at deterring them, even while the admirals were aboard the destroyer, three Iranian revolutionary guard fast boats came within a thousand yards, crews aboard all four vessels stood by their machine guns.

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