Border crossings are off from last week's highs as US pins hopes for order on mobile app


A new mobile app is allowing 1000 would be migrants per day to make an appointment to apply for asylum in the United States. Homeland Security secretary Alejandro mayorkas says they were encouraging migrants to use the legal pathway toward entry, and that's helping to reduce the flood of migrants coming in at the southern border. Approximately 50% drop. He spoke on ABC's this week with George Stephanopoulos. We have to incentivize the use of the lawful pathways and disincentivize placing people's lives in the hands of smugglers. But Texas Republican congressman Mike McCall says too many migrants are being allowed in without a hearing date, which the now expired title 42 rule prevented. When they get into the United States, whether they have legitimate claims or not, they're released into our society. And then you have 5 million people without any legal status. The Biden administration says it will penalize those who try to seek asylum without going through the proper channels. I'm Jackie Quinn

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