US Strikes Iran-Backed Facilities in Syria After Drone Kills American


Woke up this morning to find out that our military carried out several drone air strikes in Syria yesterday, reportedly killing 8 Iranians. Now, this was in retaliation for a drone strike that Iranian forces conducted earlier in the day on a coalition base that killed one American. Now it was a. UAV crashed into a unoccupied whatever vehicle, but they say it's a drone. All right. Because these drums are huge. Did you see that like when I think of drone? I don't know about you. I think a drone, I think of that little thing that all the kids have at my husband because he's a child, has and it flies up with a little three whirl or is on it and you put the batteries in and that's what I think of. These things are huge. They're big. The one that Russia took down of ours was something what was it 40 $1 million for the cost of that thing? So the Defense Department said that Iran's Islamic revolutionary guard corps crashed one of these drones into a building near in northeast Syria. At about one 30 local time and it left a U.S. contractor dead. And 5 U.S. service members and another U.S. contractor were wounded. It was at an arms depot and that left 6 Iranian backed fighters debt. Now there was a second bombing at a post that killed another two Iranian fighters. Now there's a group called the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It's a war monitoring group. Would you want that job? I thought about that as some reading this and I'm like, who wants that job? Yeah, you could be the war monitor. I don't think I'm gonna do that. They reported that there was another American strike on a military post near the border with Iraq, but that report has not been independently. Verified. Now,

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