Monica Crowley: RNC Offices Don't Put in the Work, Money


State Republican organizations are by and large useless, the national Republican organization, the RNC is by and large useless. So they can whine all day long about messaging or this particular issue or that. But they simply don't put in the work and they don't put in the money. And we are being outfoxed in every direction. And look, it's one thing to say, okay, well, we lost a big election, let's say, in 2020, we lost a big election there. So now let's figure out what went wrong. What we did do right what we didn't do wrong and what we didn't do period and figure that out. So by 2022, we're in a better position. They do none of that. I mean, I vote Republican, but honestly, I can't stand my own party because the powers that be in the party are by and large uni party members, Todd, that work with the Democrats for the destruction of the country, but for their own empowerment and enrichment. They get rich. And they gain more power while the rest of us are left holding the bag and our country is going down the tubes. So I find the entire GOP establishment and the infrastructure completely useless, maybe worse than useless. So, you know, she can go around and blame whatever she wants, but she is at full as a state GOP and Wisconsin. It's really appalling. So we've had that development, Todd, and then of course we see what happened in Chicago, which is a deep blue place. They bounce blurry lights up because the spiking crime and the fact that people are fling in droves and we thought for a minute, wow, even the big democratic voters in Chicago have had enough. Well, they had a chance yesterday to put in a more moderate Democrat who was going to be Law & Order and they chose instead the raving Marxist.

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