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Advice bring you all the week's news from both Mars and AFC. Wimbledon John Make I actually have joe this week. If that's okay, yes, you take the load off. So guy goes over to his friends, houses friends of farmer, and the Guy sees a pig, walking through a field in the pig only has three legs, and the guy says to his friend. Hey, what's the story with that Three legged piggy there and the farmer says now. Now that's that's Bessie I mean. bessie is an extraordinary pig, truly a special, big, utterly utterly unique dino that Bessie can make noises, and they aren't like English, but you can absolutely understand what she's saying all the time and the guy's like okay. Yeah, that's that's that's great. Yeah, but I I. Guess I was just wondering like about the The three legged thing and then the farmer, says nothing about Bessie. When Vesey was three Desi won best in show in the entire Indiana State Fair in her category of Pigs. And then the guy's like. Yeah, no I get I get the best sees a cool pig and everything I'm just saying wide is best have three legs, and the farmer says. Oh. A pig like bessie. You don't Wanna eat all.

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