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You is Dodge power dollars that means you get ten dollars cash allowance per horsepower offer the twenty nineteen charger or challenger so hurry into the Dodge big finish event today you'll be ready for whatever winter throws your way in a Dodge charger with available four hundred eighty five horsepower Dodge challenger with available seven hundred ninety seven horsepower story into the dock big finish of that to take advantage of Dodge power dollars today there will be a police is to be the delivery from dealer stock by one to twenty hi folks ring in the holiday season with sound the bells a free concert by the jazz ambassadors of the United States Army feel band your favorite holiday music played by America's big band featuring smooth vocals and blazing horns catch one of two shows on Saturday December seventh at three PM and seven PM at centennial high school in Ellicott city tickets are free but sell fast get yours today at army feel band dot com sixteen passed more snow to deal with in the northern tier states here's accu weather dot com meteorologist Dan Pat now ski Dan what we have we have a swath of snow moving across parts of the northern United States specifically the upper Midwest today that could impact travel Minneapolis Saint Paul area the Twin Cities you'll continue to see some snow fall on this Thursday morning that will wrap up by the afternoon hours however the heaviest snow fall the war Kerr farther east across the U. P. of Michigan northern Wisconsin three to six inches could occur from parts of northern Michigan northern Wisconsin snow could get down as far south as Green Bay once you get farther south towards Madison Wisconsin probably just looking at some flurries today elsewhere aside from the snow falling in the upper Midwest we do have a couple storm systems that were watching one is moving into the Pacific Northwest today so Portland Seattle a Salem in Eugene Oregon all seen periods of rain today as you get higher up in elevation in the cascades in Washington and Oregon especially once you get above four to five thousand feet we're looking at some heavy mountain snow fall some rain and showers could make it down into northern California as well maybe a shower around the bay area although most of the wet weather should remain north of San Francisco another storm system today developing in the eastern Gulf of Mexico so a lot of Florida you'll see some rain showers today and that rain will spread northward as the day goes on so southern Alabama southern Georgia you'll get into the rain by this afternoon across a lot of the nation elsewhere it's looking dry with high pressure in control today and that's the weather across America it will be partly sunny and chilly in Memphis today the high right around fifty five this afternoon in Salt Lake City cloudy and chilly behind all far from forty four that's the nation's weather I'm accu weather dot com meteorologist Tampa now ski if the nation's high and low yesterday ninety at I'm Coakley Florida minus thirty one to add but door from Minnesota eighteen after this is America in the morning I'm John trout a new report by Major League Baseball confirms what most suspected the baseballs use.

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