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And we have links to our Twitter account to our YouTube account to mainstream mental health rate. And. Is there any is there any place where people can see selfie now? I don't do southeast. Probably a good idea. I've seen your picture. Either. Well, I got the idea from you. I gotcha. I gotcha. Will so first off one of the topics earlier tonight with my friend, Jay Armstrong, stand up comedian. Who's also a usual Tuesday night guest here on the nightcap. And it was just it was brought up. I don't even know how it was brought up in conversation. Dr Uber because it's just as such a weird topic. But if cannibalism was a legal thing, I know it's a thing. But it was a legal thing. Which celebrity would you eat first? Well, first of all do you do you know, what the research shows cumin tastes like? I have no idea. Well, there's actually research out there and documentation that it pays very similar to the deal. Oh, I love veal. And and the other thing too that is technically because our the inside of our mouth is part of the human body, and it's made up of of mucous membrane, which is made up of your skin cells, and you constantly Slough off skins cells, your ingesting human all the time. So technically, we're all cannibals. I've heard that. In most animals the cheek. Okay. The tastiest by. So using that as an analogy. I don't know, you know. You have to think too. You know? 'cause I if if I compare it so I like animals, we, you know, the older that they get that kind of stuff and right? And and if they don't eat good food, they're going to be kind of gamy. So you wanna you wanna stay away you want to look for some kind of the NFL. There. You know? I think I think is what Jenny McCarthy vegan. Maybe that would be a good one to go. But she's getting the Tooth's you might be a little tough at this point. She might be. But I think the vegan has helped. Did you ever think you were going to hear this question tonight? I'm sitting here in the world. Let's say you you've blown my whole theory to hell because I didn't think about the age of the possible entree. Because that is flavor. I thought Michael Moore is disgusting as he is he'd probably be tasty if you severed him low and slow and seized him, right, ROY. Plus, we'd be we'd be probably pretty grainy, and he probably doesn't drink. Good whiskey. Good with marinate your meat in. It's gotta be better. Even if it's age, you think he's like a Kentucky tavern guy or a very old Barton guy or something like that PBR, man. Ribbon all the way, I hate some Michelmore tonight with some Pabst blue ribbon. It was it was very pedestrian. Well, you're in Texas the home of the barbecue. So I figured I would ask by the way. Here. Have you ever been to Franklin's barbecue? Yeah. I mean, it's barbecue. I think he's got a good marketing. Gimmick. Buying a me. There's a long line running out. Yeah. Because he always runs out. So he thinks he doesn't repair enough. Meet every day. Then he's got a great marketing it. Is there better barbecue in Austin, Texas and Franklin's there are some great barbecue. Places in Austin. I'm not saying Franklin's isn't bad. No, bad place survive. So you can't go wrong. Really? With Austin, you know, there there's one just outside of Austin called the salt lick, and it's it's amazing. But that's the original. And I have enjoyed it in the satellite salt licks that they have around. I wanted to ask I wanted to ask you because I've seen this on the travel TV shows to Austin have you been to the place where they do the chicken bingo. Man. Look, they're all over the place just about every city or county carnival has chicken bingo. The big thing is the cow. Bingo. Oh, bovine bingo. Bingo. Yeah. All of it. You know depends on how much they feed all men all it could take forever. So I I'm I'm too impatient to sit. So you don't want to go anywhere where they're feeding the cows cheese. But if they're mixing elect laxatives in there, whether you know, it's gonna be a fast game. Yeah. There you go. There you go. There are people have absolutely no idea. What we're talking about? Right. Yeah. They they Mark off a field with bingo numbers. And then you bet on what number you want. Right. And then the bovine or in some cases, you know, the chicken coop is marked off that way. And wherever he goes potty it lands, and that's the number. And some places are strict you have to get so many numbers in a row, just like the real bingo others because they don't wanna wait all day long, or maybe three days to get a pain. Go there go, you know, you only have to get one number two numbers and that kind of thing. Sure. So it's kind of Keno with feces. Yes. Yes, is basically what it is. You've got it right there. It can be fun. You know, especially if you do it like it that were says and there's lots of beer around. Sure. But not PBR, right? Good. No. That's got original. Yeah. It's got loggers and nice. Nice home. Bruce and things like that. I was trying to think of as we got about midway into this conversation where it went wrong. And I think it would was when I asked you initially about cannibalism in which celebrity you would eat I went into the technical. I know. Research. That's that's great. See? I intuitively knew. I instinctively knew that. You would have an answer for me. So I asked the question. Well, the guy who finally documented it he actually got a hold of an and paid some emergency room doctors get some people who died, and and take like a chunk of their finding if it wasn't like if they were hit by a car, but they didn't dive drug overdose or something like that. And and they both got caught the doctor got reprimanded. And like that and find and the other guy actually got jail time for actually ingesting the human meat. But yeah, well, I wouldn't suggest eating me. I've got a game e leg. Dr John Haber, hang on a second. We'll come back in just a moment on this very very weird conversation. The nightcap very weird initiated by me. The host, of course, seven hundred wwl w. The.

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