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Nc double a tournament tiger woods is back the jets are trading up to pursue presumably take a quarterback good times here in the sports world alongside myron metcalf and nicole briscoe i doug kazarian this is game day on espn radio and the espn app let's now bring in bruce weber the head coach of kansas state basketball via the shell pennzoil performance line coach be honest you were ready to you started preparing for virginia and that signature style of tony bennett after you on your game well i am going to be honest we definitely get more preparation for virginia there's no doubt about that but we did have one coach watching a little bit of tape on you mdc and and just an amazing game and you don't have to be the best team but you gotta be the best team at night and last night they were the best team they played them and out competed them down the stretch and history was written first time sixteen to one and not only a one to one next dominated the conference in the rake in tournament definitely unexpected and they were sharpies that were used to write in virginia let's let's not kid around here what is the message that you tell your kids now after watching what we saw last night well they're a very good team i mean i think it was kinda fun because we came back to the hotel and it was you know one of the hotels here everybody's getting in the lobby the lobbyists open area that embassy suite wherever you once in a while you watch all the games and our fans and family were there he wants the game there was definitely a lot of excitement there but i i told him to go to bed but as soon as the you know the kings in that i brought them together and you said hey guys you.

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