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So Dominique I truly hate to butter up. . You're already greasy ego but I summoned you here really to discuss Lamar Jackson and so I did two things. . The first thing I did was look up his forty time, , which was a self reported four, , three four. . And then I looked up your forty time and. . The Internet done. . Tells me that you ran. . A four, , three four. . Well unlike Lamar Jackson I do not have an MVP trophy to show for it. . I'M GONNA say it's because the Thanh hadn't caught up I was a high school quarterback. . Position I'd be doing Lamar I don't even believe that. . But as for Lamar Jackson. . It is also fair to say that nobody bought stock in this kid faster than you. . You call them a league changing prospect. . Before he was drafted, , you wrote about him last year when he was on his way to becoming the second unanimous MVP, , an NFL history. . So what did you see that other people did not? ? Think that he has the set that is. . Transcendent to use an overused term in sports media. . I think was more important in your piece that I wrote before the draft along with me times that <hes> we talked about how important it was that he landed in a perfect situation and when he went to Baltimore. . Being that it was an organization that I played in a city that I grew up in I knew that that was an organization I was smart enough to build around his skills. . But back, , then people didn't really think that way and they thought Lamar Jackson wasn't a guy who could fit. . So he clearly does or maybe he doesn't fit but they built a team around him that would fit him, which , is the way that you do with ingrate player. . So looking back now on his brief time in the league so far Lamar did face his fair share of skeptics doubters any even be competent NFL. . Horrific performances we had ever seen I'm a Baltimore Ravens Fan I'm concerned has got a lot to prove but now dominique based on how he season ended last year. . I can kind of feel some of those same doubts creeping up again. . I mean, , the Ravens scored twelve points in Jackson had three turnovers in that shocking divisional round loss to the titans. . So on that Game I. . What actually happened. . Lamar didn't play his best game, , but it's unfair to hang that on the Mar and I'm sure you've heard many stats of how long it took a lot of other great quarterbacks to win their first playoff game and even make it to the playoffs but Asaf Net if you watch that game again, , tomorrow perfect. . But it's six drops and that defense that had been stout all year was getting run all over by their Kendrick Henry breaks the tackle thirty. . Henry ten Henry down an eight yard line and they couldn't stop anybody and Lamar and a tip ball for interception. . Jackson. . Taxi fires down the Middle Ball ticket buyer. . Need through one later that was probably his fault and gave up a sack fumble. . Taxing under. . Pressure. . grabbed. . Compost. . There's a fight for it. . So he wasn't perfect but I think it's unfair to hang it all on sodas. . He threw some really impressive passes some of which were some of which were dropped but to be this earliest career to have as much success as he's had I think is. . is encouraging, ,

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