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Not too shabby my friend thomas jefferson property and barnum west right he he married the widow martha curtis and inherited a great deal of money was already wealthy but after marrying her i think he became the wealthiest landowner in virginia if i'm not mistaken or one of them so kirk who's third louis yeah i don't know thomas jefferson adjusted net worth two hundred thirty four million george washington by the way five hundred and eighty million teddy roosevelt hundred thirty eight million andrew jackson won thirtyone james madison one twelfth lyndon baines johnson kirk cox in one oh eight herbert hoover eighty eightytwo bill clinton it's a seventy five that's that's in two thousand sixteen fdr fdr sixty six million even obama's on the list at nine million he comes in number hope and change come in number nine he tied for number nine i said number nice not right there were head of him fdr's ahead pilots hair george w bush thirty nine james monroe thirty martin van buren twenty nine million grover cleveland twenty eight million george herbert walker bush twenty six john quincy adams twentythree john m twentyone richard nixon seventeen ronald reagan fourteen james k polk eleven john john f kennedy tin dwight eisenhower nine obama nine joe ford nine carter nine tonight zachary taylor seven william henry harrison six million benjamin harrison six million feel more four whose name i haven't mentioned yet up i gave you an exit abraham abraham lincoln he was one of our presidents he was worth well under one million dollars harry truman also under a million kevin coolidge under a million which are wilson under a million james garfield ulysses grant under a million grant was a serviceman so your service pay whatever they want kirk from what movie did this excerpt come gagging around texas show and can't be more hundred.

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