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Philadelphia, Officer, Derek Shaw discussed on Joe Giglio


Rest in Philadelphia now special coverage on KYW newsradio already that increase the charge against former officer Derek Shaw of it from third to second degree murder in the death of George Floyd the three other former officers involved are now charged with abetting a city wide curfew continues in Philadelphia for a fifth straight day it's in effect from six o'clock Wednesday evening for six o'clock Thursday morning Philadelphia police commissioner Danielle outlaw says since Saturday authorities responded to one hundred and thirty five explosive events across the city within that total she says fifty ATMs have been damaged or opened by the use of explosives the statue of the polarizing former mayor of Philadelphia Frank Rizzo has been removed from the front of the municipal services building in center city and police have recovered thousands of dollars worth of looted merchandise after raiding a stash house in Colwyn Delaware County were helping Philly stay connected on ten sixty A. M. on the radio dot com app and on your smart speaker just ask it to play K. Y. W. news radio let's say you just bought a house bad news.

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