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Person would be afraid, to speak to the FBI and we also now see an FBI this become so politicized I think James. Comey, is so tarnished reputation did most people would think well gosh my go in and maybe that they hate President Trump. And because I'm a Republican, they're going to hate me to James, Comey has? Done a great deal to tarnished, reputation of a great group of people I know a lot of FBI agents they don't deserve. This but that's the situation We're in now and, this is a highly political investigation that really the only thing that's come out of it so far as we seem to be indicting Russians over something hacking somebody's emails okay we seem. To be invited indicting people like. Paul Manafort for something that may it has no connection really to Russia or to Donald. Trump so now you've got ambassador Bolton while the former ambassador now NASCAR adviser John Bolton you have the Senator from Kentucky rand Paul one. Talking about former CIA director Brennan one talking about former FBI, director Comey but both in that same. Conversation of discrediting the organization and, politicizing, the, organization now I what I ask you is isn't that what you have seen and, felt in in watching all this play. Out over the past two years that's not to say you think President Trump is. The greatest thing since lie spread that's. Not to say you, don't think the admit Tournaments rations had missteps that is not questioning whether? You're Republican or democratic conservative or a liberal it is asking the question that here. We have two guys in in positions of power Who discuss quite clearly what has happened within the organizations You telling me that John Bolton Are you gonna. Tell, me he's a warmonger rand, Paul the Senator from the Tocci certainly not a warmonger right or warmonger war-mongerer either way They come from very different backgrounds and philosophies In terms of of how they see the use. Of force in. A whole series of things they both have This same kind of concept I thought that was interesting I thought that was worth? Noting, and if you haven't heard James Clapper James Clapper who is the former director of national security, national intelligence sorry the former director of national intelligence job currently held by Dan Coats the former. Senator from Indiana He blames John Brennan for losing his security clearance it's all what you said is factually accurate Director Clapper I wanna talk. To you about the focus on John Brennan after President Trump stripped his security clearance after President, Trump's, press, conference with Ladimir Putin. In, Helsinki Brennan unleash some pretty remarkable criticism against the. President saying quote nothing short of. Treasonous now take a listen to how Brennan explained. That comment just a couple of days ago And they did say that it rises. To and exceeds the level of High crimes and misdemeanors, and there's nothing short of treasonous I didn't mean that. He committed treason but it was a term. Used nothing, short, of, treasonous you didn't mean that he committed treason. Though I said okay sure a treasonous that was the term they use We'll get into the president's behavior, in a second but do you think that John Brennan's. Hyperbole is an issue here is one of. The reasons, we're, having. This crisis I think it is I think Male John is sort of like a freight train and he's going to say what's on. His mind well good for John Brennan for saying what's on his mind that. Was Clapper at the end there that was Jake. Tapper with the interview and the women's was you heard it's Rachel Maddow John Brennan wouldn't emits Rachel Maddow that he. Called President Trump guilty. Of treason Listen I it's, it's one thing to be holy political about it situation it's. Another thing to really take a look, to listen to what people are saying. And to recognize that there is a level of, consistency here there's been damage, done to the intelligence. Operations, in the United States at those high levels from people. Who are more political than they were interested in doing the job and it's gonna take a while for that to get fixed. But the more were honest about it the easier it is to fix it But John, Brennan losing security clearance the former CIA director no one to. Blame but himself and now he's considering, suing President Trump over it it's madness But we have to, start accepting the fact that these organizations have damaged themselves over, the years with people who are more political than they were interested in doing the job the faster we do that the faster these organizations get better the faster our faith returns to them because it's hard to run the nation when. You don't have faith in the, institutions that are supposed, to be the ones, that protect, you as opposed to come after you for what. You believe We work hard at being healthier What.

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