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By you know, there was, there was no plan what what happened was that people started to take notice because this is all happening on social media where you can see you know the twitter account, asking questions and painting the company you see. The company's responding very quickly and people saw that this was. Making an impact, there were results coming out of this so. What we did was we started a confirmed lists basically with all the brands that had said to us. Yes, you know we. We will be sure to blacklist. We had no idea we were appearing on this to begin with. And then we throw up some instructions. Just do what we're doing and tweet at companies you know, be polite, and just tag is in the tweet, so we can keep track of things, so people started to join super easy thing to do all you have to do is go in and take the screen shot and people did it. People People tag? Doesn't it one of the things I'm really proud of actually. Is that people never? Got Nasty, so It really was like. Collide almost like a letter writing campaign except tweets. So before we continue going too deep into your work with sleeping giants, and how it works in what we can do as product people to protect ourselves and take care of ourselves in our products, which is want to go further into your background, so I met you when you were a copywriter in. You're looking at obviously brand identity and the use of language and everything with pet. Where were you professionally when you first start working with sleeping giants don't remember you being a someone. I knew as overtly political most. Cal so when I went cleaning giants up. I was at Pat. I was head of growth, and I was just plugging away on marketing stuff and I guess before that I was doing marketing for a customer support helped us software, and in both roles I was sort of like absorbing a lot of information I like to say that as a marketer I don't know much I just like absorbed. What other people tell me or I learned and then I spit it out in our. Landing Pages, or whatever value props in this not? So yeah I I learned a lot in those few years around how tech companies make decisions because I I was learning how customer support works how customer support works with. Customer Support Fields feed-back. Complaints in and that sort of thing and how they funneled into product management. How funneled into? got that onto the agenda of their leadership, and so on so I kind of like I wouldn't say intuitive was something that I picked up along the way I kind of knew what buttons to push you know when I first started sleeping giants and that has served me Harley well. When did you see the impact of the work that you would admit sleeping giants? So this is really funny. Because we were never out to get cross attention or anything like that, we that was on our radar, but what happened was just about like maybe ten days or two weeks or something after. Joint it was December early, December one of the companies that either are one of our followers had tagged was Kellogg's. Cereal Company and Kellogg's came out like really strong in their response, they came out. They made a whole like Pr. Statement on it. They were like no, we're. We're not gonNA. Advertise Breitbart. We didn't know about it We're going to go out and do an entire audit of our our advertising, so we're not only not going to be on Breitbart anymore. We're going to check to make sure we're not on any other a sort of offense. Oh, objectionable sites that we don't want our brand to be on and. Yeah I mean that was like those massive for us at that time. And it was, it was huge. Remember seeing an article in the Guardian you know. That was really the first time in Breitbart like reacted so melodramatically day they launched. A campaign called HASHTAG dumped Kellogg's. A boycott of Kellogg saying that Kellogg's hate sits, reader is in. No one should eat Kellogg's cereal anymore, and it was totally ridiculous, but at the time you know part was You know people were watching what Breitbart was saying and doing and just because of that campaign. You know they got attention for it. We got attention for it so. That was our first big sort of milestone. Then I mean things are moving so fast back then I. can't even you know twenty sixteen ended? Every single day we were order. Things were changing companies were responding were adding to our list, so it was just moving super fast everyday, and then things came to a head in March twenty seventeen. I call it march madness, because like every day. Something crazy would happen like the UK government. Found out that their ads were appearing on like on terrorist channels on YouTube. So. I think very like there's a bunch of different agencies that were basically paying terrorists It was like two hundred fifty thousand pounds or something. It was not an insignificant amount of money. They found out. That was sort of like the rule, big one but also Thomson Reuters Jaguar both of them found out there were on. Objectionable content a on on Youtube online. And it all came to a head, and at some point in March. Two thousand seventeen have media. One of the biggest media agencies in the world came out and said. We're GONNA to pause rats. Like. We're going to pause all our. This was just in the UK, but you know all UK clients. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA PAUSE ADS. which is a huge deal I mean that is like. Millions and millions of dollars being.

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