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Reached i native opinion. We are indigenous information and education radio show and podcast every week we talk about current affairs related to and from our own native native american perspectives. My name is michael kicking bear. You know that guy over there. He is david greco heels. You'll morning sir good morning earning brother good morning good morning to you good morning to all that are listening live as we kick off yet another week this being episode one eight two two one eight two. We're nearing the big to double. Oh yes we are mourning tim and chat good to see you. Solution do way more price for the first person in chat every week. You could win a prize. I don't think u._p. Dolls and mode anymore marin vogue and say that'd be kind of interesting though but but yeah you know so it's like hot then it's cooler than it's hot and then it's cooler welcome to winter in the winter. Yeah some are in new england. Good morning karen trying to all in chat. I'm trying to get more coffee in me. I'm working with only one coffee thus far. This is my second here in the studio though what you hear me sipping. That's that's what's going on there. Hey you guys you know what this is. How you can reach us here..

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