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Yes, you look they're here for the wrong reasons. That's their classic wording. They're here for the wrong reasons here for the wrong reason. But I think they specifically said they were here to become the next bachelorette. And here's the Halton, Ed, of course, hears at the end of the day. He didn't get rid of either of those. He got rid of somebody else. Yes. So it's just it's I don't envy his position. I mean who would want to figure out the minds of anybody on a show like that? You guys did on survivor, but it's even worse on the bachelor a lot less fun to Tyson. Right. I'm sure than the bachelor bachelorette. It depends on who you are as the bachelor bachelorette survivors, pretty fun. It's a fun game. You said it was hard. You came back and said it was super freaking hard did. So I don't think the bachelor to be the bachelor bachelorette would be difficult. I'm not downplaying especially when you're especially when you're Colton. And he's like so religious that he's a virgin still at he's not a virgin for religious reasons. He stated that several. But I wanted to put it out there. Yeah. I was focused on quite with his football. Is that what you're saying? Stop. He was focused. I think that the moment has and then everybody gets more experienced than you. It's a little bit harder to join the game. So you think that's what it was. Oh, I feel like that's probably what it was. Yeah. Okay. Do you think he's really virgin? Are we are we going off on a tangent? Here's this becoming a bachelor show being rain this. He really even virgin that we don't know that he's lying about it. I don't think he's lying seems a lot. There'd be too many people out there willing to spill the it's not it's to hide level counterintuitive, right? The guy at like good looking guy out there. It's like, hey, I'm a virgin he stayed some very famous women who would have no problem outing him, right? Justin Timberlake used to do like in like a long time ago. Yeah. Hey Cameron Diaz. I'm virgin. Yeah. Hey, me and Brittany spears. We are not we are not hooking up. Yeah. But we've worked line has no problem admitting to hit me he works denim on denim. All that's an old an old trick. All All right. right. There you go. All right faces this week. We have any. Hashtags recently. No, we got to be the mental state to remember tag lightsaber science science hot soup bar. The hot soup bar challenge. Hot support challen. Reminders what is the hot soup bar challenge? Actually ties to said, it was taking pictures of it which doesn't seem like much tagging, Danny? That's probably best case scenario for the hot soup challenge. Let's go with that. All right. You think they should eat soup until they get sick. That would be fine. Also, that'd be fine. All right Gandhi. Bryson at at Danny Bryson Tyson apostles Novosel, I'm rob sister. You know, we back regular time on our Tuesday schedule next week once again, thanks so much to Scott saint-pierre for putting this all.

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