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1045 and 6 80 am Second pick goes to the Golden State Warriors. And that means that the number one pick in the 2020 N B. A draft goes to The Minnesota Timberwolves. Ah, you have come up with a list of paradise. This is Christmas. Any money we lost last September. Bay area just Jackie and I used to share a studio for hearing him play this very song with very Zito. Richard really is X y Uh, what you say it like that? Who was that San Francisco Somewhere. Remember the name of clothes anyway, We're going with two Number two. Number two. Joey Barton, making his major league debut, is the second overall pick in the draft. How many years ago? Two years? That's right. Let's not leave him waiting any longer. He's very big. He's always been number two because it was failed. E and, Farid, You're gonna piss him off being the number two. Wow. Knowledge free joining us. He just called you number two. You're right with that. It didn't sound right the other way. Right? Fareed.

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