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Dave touched my. Who's this guilfoil from Silicon Valley? And the only two guys hate more than two. Nash are Bob and Dave Suck. It goes up everybody. This is billy's APP SWEEP. Oleg listening to it in the D. Show No mercy. I talked to Voice of Professor. Xavier Storm Storm commuter style. Sit ON MY LAP STAR. You're listening to it and a D. R. We had a break. He has everybody man. You're listening to the IT and the D. And if you want to get your money's worth stay right here and remember everybody's got a price for the million dollar man. I this is all right. I'm Ernie Hudson and you're listening to it and the nurse out their nerves. What is this is over? You listen to dirt on the IT and the NERDS. I'm a nurse and I'm pretty proud of it. Hey Detroit this is Anthony Michael Hall my buddy Bob and Dave on. It in the D. I hope you'll love and you're listening to. It inventory of conduct is James Using. You're listening to the IT and show snoot the news. Watch lists news. Snnu Games. Scott Steiner. Pick up this show is your hookup. Holler if you hear me. This is Robert Hayes. Ted Striker my mother when I'm not hanging out with my Gumbo Bar I'm listening to the IT and the show is worse than Detroit. Princess thing is a meeting hangover. I love my my name. This Jeremy London from mallrats..

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