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Find out how you can live your passion. Ah, career as an automotive tech Brad Martin in the W B a P Weather center while our perfect weather is going away, But it's not bad for the next few days. Mostly cloudy this morning clearing, breezy and 75 this afternoon winds generally 15 to 20 and dusty and we're seeing that already at DFW in love Field, cloudy and 58 tonight, tomorrow about same with high of 76 Saturday more so, with more clouds high of 75, then we think that be enough moisture here for maybe a quarter half inch of rain when the next cold front comes through on Sunday, right now, at W b a P. 59 degrees While the world waits. Thank you all for your patience. If you can't the legal votes, I easily win. Whatever happens, democracy, sometimes Mrs Year history as it happens on used talking 20 w v W B a P com Spending more time at home these days makes the perfect time to get your house winter ready. Everybody. It's Crystal Saito here for new Spray, the North Texas company that makes all your home improvement projects so easy and affordable New spray will take care of your entire home improvement punch list from their exclusive cool wall paint, total roof replacement state of the art replacement Windows New sighting and Mason, nine even outdoor patios, particulars and sun rooms. They will even install an outdoor TV. All the work new spray does is on the outside of your home. And right now through November, 30th asked for the November special and take 50% off labor and save 15% off any one of new spray services call today before the month ends. New spray will give you a free estimate, and they'll even provide a digital rendering to show you what the job's gonna look like. Beat the holiday Russian called today 877 new spray. That's 877 new spray 87763. 9 77 72 or.

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