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Heward neighbors Now way have to get to our very special guest who is joining us at the top of this hour? Yes, we do. We're so excited. Tony Ortega is joining us and Tony is a long time journalists. We We go back all the way to the village voice with you, Tony, because we've now been on the air 18 years. I love being on yourself. Remember that you guys are unbreakable, Miss Lovely your story about Scientology's harassment of Paula Cooper. And of course, people maybe read the underground bunker which, if you follow anything Scientology, you're like the number one source in them. We've also saw you on Leah Remini show Scientology and the aftermath, which was Did also so much to break down science, geology to a lot of regular people who didn't understand it, So thank you. Yeah, Okay, so we knew we had to talk to you. When finally, finally and we and Julie and I we do. We're faithful readers of the underground bunker and we watch Leah's show. But And so we saw some, too. I think of of his victims. Were on her show when Danny Masterson was arrested, were like, Oh, we're going to have to Tech to Tony. Because this is this is big game changer, maybe in Scientology and how it's treated, you know. By the authorities. It's potentially very huge. Isn't something you know we've been waiting for for a long time. I first broke the news that Danny was being investigated by the More than three years ago in March 2017. And, Yeah, Leah finished up her Siri's last year over the series finale was a special episode that featured two of Danny's victims. You know, she had been trying to get them on. Since the beginning of her show. It was very difficult legally for Andy to do that, but she bravely brought them on the one to finish up her Siri's So Lee and I have been waiting for this. Because there's so much evidence in there and you know multiple women. I know that a lot of Danny masses fans or confused and surprise, and they wonder if it's just some women digging up something that Happened a long time ago. But if you know the case, you know this is an elaborate complex case with multiple women with similar claims. You have been complaining for a long time. Yeah, and two of to the two of the three women, Or maybe it's to three of the four. I know they couldn't charge him with every case, But the important thing is the fact that these women were also Scientologist. People that Danny knew he would have been at a higher level in Scientology is such a screwed up. Thing that anything bad happens to you. It's basically your fault, and you got to pay money to feel what you did in some other life means this prick Octa. It is. The 1st 3 women who came forward to the LAPD in 2016 had all been Scientologists. And it had all been ah, assaulted in that period. One of them had previously gone to the one woman who I refer to his victim being known as Jane Doe number one in a civil lawsuit. She was attacked in April 2003 sheets over Scientology's objection. She went to the LAPD in 2000. For she did she came toward a timely matter. What Scientology got that investigation killed? Ah, these three women came to the LAPD in 2016. They were joined in 2017 by a woman who was never scientologist named Bob Betley, Alice. And then I have reported not too long ago, a total of seven women to the LAPD with Alec with rape allegations and, Yeah, Jackie Lacey, the D A when she announced She announced that those 1st 3 women, the women who were all Scientologists are the one she's facing the charges on three counts of rape. And she said that there were two other women that she decided not to charge on. One of them obviously was reality. But I think that that will still be a witness in the case, and you know there's there's a lot of different aspects to this. Do you think, Tony that Things have changed in the empty because I remember when they went to go find Shelly Miscavige and you know there was all this conversation that they were kind of in Scientology is back pocket and getting paid off by them and didn't do a thorough investigation. You think that that there's a new group of police people that are not so in bed with Scientology anymore? Well, these women should get declared for that. Because if you remember they experience that problem here says, you know, LAPD had done that investigation. 2000 for Scientology Got it. Shut down. That time when they have quotes like they were told We're going to handle this downtown because the LAPD knew that the Hollywood Division was co opted by the Church of Scientology, so they handled it downtown. But even then the first detective was a disaster and when I first broke the news about the investigation of the 2017 It wasn't just that that this investigation was going on, but that it was going badly. And I quoted from a letter that Christy Cornell, who initially called victim May, but she named herself she's She's been, You know, one of the three women that's that's been charged for She had written a letter to the chief of police Let that time with chief back complaining about how badly that's first detective was handling. She was interviewing people she was treating people inappropriately. They had to fight for this investigation, guys and and the LAPD did replace that first detective with a much better detective by the name of hobby of Vargas. And I think he did a great job. But again, these women should get the credit. They stood up for themselves, time and time again until both the LAPD and then the L. A district attorney took their case seriously and and the the women to the I mean, and they all have been harassed by Scientology. I mean, they've had all kinds of terrible other things happening to them. As well as not being believed. And I, it's I have evidence it's going on to this day. It is shocking that Scientology continues to try to intimidate and harass these women. They got sick and tired of waiting for D H calculation to make up her mind. And they actually filed a civil lawsuit last year and they in this lawsuit is not about rate at this point. It probably will be later. But right now, the lawsuit is just about the harassment. Yeah, saying that since they came floor, they believe a coordinated campaign of harassment. Has been, you know, rained down on them by the Church of Scientology, its leader, David Miscavige and Daniel massive civil lawsuit. Yeah, it's absolutely outrageous. It has attacks. Nobody get does it's tax free that it's considered a religion when it behaves like some third World dictator country. Well, and what shocked me was, you know, once of news broke last week, everybody covered it and I think a lot of them had been, you know, aware of what was going on, and they had some pretty good stories, but I was stunned by the number of news organizations. It reported Danny Masterson being charged with rape and not using the word Scientology. Morrie said the same thing and she said, finally GM a finally you Scientology next day or something, But, Yeah, I know that is an important part of the story. Because, like I wonder what Scientologists that we're still in the cold. Are being told about the Danny Masterson rape case. He's been ah, long times out loud Scientologists and hides under Scientology toe, you know, knock out women and then raped them..

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