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Let's talk about the west finals for a bit. Unless you have other things to say no go Two one sorry. Three one sons after the weird low scoring eighty four eighty slug fest of a win. Paul george has had a rough shooting series. I think he's shooting thirty five percent and twenty seven percent from three and look. I don't think. Paul george has been a problem in this series you know. He's averaging twenty seven and a half points ten board six assists. Just gotta make more shots. And he's under an enormous burden without kawhi. he's having to create a lot out of nothing particularly when they go small and they don't zoo on the florida set screens for him. But he's got he's got a shoot better or else they're not gonna win. They're not gonna come back from three one down booker in. Cpi have been ice cold. The last two games in three really for booker and the sons have squeaked out a couple of them anyway. Eight and has been fantastic. Who'll so there's they like. I think. I think chris paul. And this is no shot at christie's comeback from covert and and it's tough to reintegrate a player on the fly even after a few games missed. I think their offense lost some juice when chris. Paul came back like. You just didn't see as much of the high flying booker coming up from the corner around two screens flare screens over here. Back door code over there. it was more. Give the ball. The chris up high slowed their pace with. Chris has been a snail's pace slow. Pick and roll with eight. And i just think they lost a little juice but again the clippers as i said before in the east finals clippers defense has been awesome and sometimes great defense just sort of squeezes renters that creativity out of you like you. Don't have it in you to do it over and over again but one thing that that they did. Well chris is better than maybe anyone ever at getting that switch on the pick and roll at snaking around crisscrossing with his screener dragging zoo bots with him over to the side and deondraye for his part is rolling hard and why that matters is. He's rolling so hard that they don't have time to switch back because if they do he's already at the rim and there's too much of a window for the past at the end of the game. Their offense was basically chris shoots. Christmas is dehydrates offense rebound over a small player. He was really. He was really fantastic. What are you looking for tonight. In in game games five for me in my friend lawrence. Murray instantaneous house at the athletic has done a great job on the clippers. this year. The clippers just. I don't wanna be too harsh just because of what you said that they're missing you know a perennial. Mvp guy candidate in but they just like you said that because they're squeezed so thin and so much of it has to go through. Paul george they have these moments and obviously there was a long moment. Just generally was fourteen possessions in a row both ways you know there was no scoring when they're stuck on seventy one seventy for that long stretch. But the clippers have been really prone to these these droughts droughts but stretches where there there's no movement within their offense and you know where canard is out there and isn't touching the ball at his even involved. It has been interesting part of the reason. They've been so competitive in all. These comebacks is that it you can tell tie loose seemingly found a laser them at halftime. Says we've gotta move more. We've gotta just do more and then come out and they're they're running offense and they're moving around in their setting screens for each other and they're making life a little bit easier. Paul george by doing that so to me kim. The clippers avoid getting onto another just kind of feels like they can't survive. The slow starts been down to our series so far it takes so much to kind of get out of that rut and it takes a lot to get out of fourteen two deficit to to start a game. So can the can they just trying to get out to a decent start here so that they're not having to play from behind and taking from what is already a very depleted level of energy. You know i. I'm gonna watch some of what you just said with regards to paul and aden and the movement there and how welcome zubec- credit stay up but also get back and help for the lop towns. You know they. They've done a terrific job on. I think i think their defense has been great. I think even zoo boxers done a good enough job just eating up enough space. That chris in devon can't just ease into their sweet spots. It's like a couple of steps out of their sweet spots but the offensive rebounding. Look you're right about the clippers. They stalled out and their shot. Like paul george's paul george. Some terrible shots and there was a shot clock violation where. Pg didn't seem to realize that works out to be a shot clock violation. But you know you have to credit. And it's easy for us to say whereas all the cool motion offense that happens the first three possessions after a timeout. When they've got some rest gotten a chance to talk to talk to. The it's hard in phoenix is sniffing all that stuff out when they tried to get fancy was split cuts and back screens like the sons are all over it. They know what's coming. They switch it. They don't make mistakes and on the pick and roll zoo boxes into game and they run a bunch of pick and roll.

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