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This led to the use of red herring to mean, a distraction from the important issue, by the way, there is no species of fish known as a red herring. The term refers to kipper which is a whole herring split from head to tail gutted salted. And pickled in cold smoked that has taken on a pungent smell and read Keller during preparations discussing. You can also hear more about food in one of our episodes on open up your Ristori basket. You know, what here's the thing. I could not help notice. That every single one. Of the episodes. Or all your episode. I'm just saying Julia I noticed that now. Oh, that's probably because I remember mine the best. I remember the best to. All right. We're we're back. Well, that's all that was great. That was a good quiz. An actual topic say. You were listening. Thank you guys for all your kind messages and tweets and all the stuff, we got a lovely donation from our newest bolts star listener Albert t thank you, just like the nicest message, it totally may my day. I liked it at when he said there's a real level of humanity. When you hear someone learning the same thing simultaneously as you and you share the same reaction of shock off discussed as a total stranger. And it's hilarious. Nice. And so, yeah, he also called us the least annoying cod cast that he listens to which I'll take. 'cause you know, people have their voices sometimes certain types of annoy people in other types of people in the way that people say things, and it's all subjective. Yeah. It's you know, it's personal preference. So Albert, thank you you or saying such nice to. So much for your lovely donation. You Goldstar list? Gold star listener Albert t. And if you want to get a hold of us you can Email us at misinformed. gmaiLcom? You can tweet at us at misinformed misinform pod. And you can also find.

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