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He will have some rain showers become increasingly likely into the early evening, maybe thunderstorms with heavy rain and the flash flood watch remains in effect through tomorrow morning areas of urban and poor drainage areas will flood with successive thunderstorms moving through. Flash flooding possible It's four o'clock This is WNYC FM HD and. AM New York Either Stephen dubner this summer we've been bringing. You some of the best shows from our archive this week's episode has weirdly become even more. Relevant since it first aired in two, thousand twelve? It's called the truth is out there isn't it We've updated some. Key facts and figures when relevant hope, you enjoy Either How are you I recently had lunch in Chinatown Chinatown in New York City where I live with a very pleasant. Fellow named, Carlos I ala we met up at a place called the golden unicorn to eat something I'd never had. Before, chicken feed also. Notice chicken pause now I Allah is the guy you want to eat chicken pause with he works. At Purdue farms the fourth largest chicken producer. In the US he's the vice, president of international which means I'm in charge of everything that Purdue does on the food side. Of the business so the chicken and turkeys that's outside of, the United States and my main focus was on exporting products that are not so desired in the US sending overseas and you are a fan. Of the paw you like to. Eat the chicken it's like hair. Club for men you're not just, a? Spokesman Europe right you. Love the park. That's very true it's it's actually the best part of the checking as far, as I'm concerned it's. My favorite thing This is freakonomics radio show that explores. The didn't sign every Here's your Stephen Today,.

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