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Good afternoon. I'm Dick Uliano. The top local stories we're following this hour, a DC church that sued the city over Corona virus restrictions has earned a big legal victory. Capitol Hill Baptist Church has been awarded injunctive relief by a federal judge and will be allowed to begin holding outdoor church services in the city. The church has been meeting in Alexandria during the pandemic, but after city leaders staunchly supported in attended protests earlier this year church Eater's asked for permission to begin holding outdoor gatherings in D. C. The church went to court after the city denied those requests, and the judge's ruling means it was likely the church would prevail. A pastor there says in a statement that church leaders air now speaking with a variety of outdoor venues in D C about holding services in the future, John Dome and W. T O p new President Trump has suggested he has the power to direct law enforcement to monitor polling places for potential fraud. The DCs attorney general is pushing back D. C Attorney general Karl Racine is countering that message, saying Trump has no such power. W T O p asking D C deputy attorney GENERAL Cake Konopka. If Trump is trying to intimidate poor, Democratic, black and Brown voters from casting ballots to the extent that it could serve to be a chilling effect on any member in D, C and voting, we want to make sure that that does not Mr Trump is consistently cast doubt on the election, believing there's potential for Widespread fraud Konopka, saying their office is committed to doing everything within their power to ensure the voting process is safe and secure. Kin Duffy w. GOP News Early voting is surging and Virginia The Washington Post reports. More than three quarters of a million ballots have been cast, either in person by mail, drop box or hand delivered to the registrar's office. Strong turnout makes Virginia one of the leaders nationwide in early voting, according to analysis by the University of Florida, Fairfax County's head of elections, expects three times the early voter turnout compared to the 2016 election before their Wass Cove. It On Montgomery County Police officer will not be charged in the deadly shooting of a silver spring man. Ah, special investigation by Howard County concludes The officer's actions were reasonable. W. T. O P S Kate Ryan reports Her story includes intense sounds of the fatal police encounter. Would some may find disturbing It was May 7th police were called to the White Oak section of silver Spring to find 30 year Old Finn on bear. Hey with a large kitchen knife in his hands. Montgomery County Police Sergeant David Cohen pulls up steps out of his cruiser, with his weapon drawn almost immediately bear rushes towards Cohen, who backpedals the knife down. There. He is Silent, but doesn't put down the knife or get down on the ground warning. The next part is hard to listen to Poland calls out. Get on the ground. I don't want to shoot you here. He rushes at him. Cohen fires Ah, voice from a witness calls out to bear Hey, calling him Finn. Prosecutors from Howard County who were called on to investigate incidents involving Montgomery County police. Found the shooting to be a reasonable use of force. Given the circumstances, Sergeant Cohen can return to the force. There will be an administrative review Cape Ryan. W T O P News coming up traffic and weather and then DC swimmers have something to be pleased about.

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