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It's cool, and maybe it takes awhile to like get cool with it because you're like, I feel attacked by this person and it's not personal at all, so. Cool. Okay. Whatever. Who's the best actor you've ever worked with? That's a cool question. Somebody just came your mind, gets it. Well, the first thing I thought it was Michael Douglas, and then I was like, well, let's see is Douglas the bus actor worked with pretty good actor. He's a great actor. I got to work with Tim Roth on his. Off just delightful. Bunny. I love you Honey. Penny. I've Craig Nelson Craig t Nelson carotenes always been my hero poltergeist and I know Dax when he was so excited when Owen parenthood started and getting to work with Craig t Nelson. I remember day week one of the show ago I'm coming to set to meet Christina Elson and he goes, I bring it. He's over and I met Craig t Nelson hung out with him. I was like, oh my God. I just. He's the greatest. He's looking guy rate and present, but then he can just kind of be like a little older. In fact, that's I'm done for the day. Fuck off. Yeah. I mean, I don't think he, I don't think he leave this ad, but he would get to that point where he was like, oh, God, I'm more tech over over it, but, but he's so real. Like there's no like I'm Greg t Nelson Opel's. No, yeah. He's so just has himself the Javer day morning crowd morning. Erica ranker's. Yeah, t- yeah, we all call them. Craig t your Kroger's or any variation of that. And that was it had to be just a great show to work on a lot of motion, but a lot of people in that show, it's insane how good of an experience that was action people get so excited when I say you or friends with Dax, or they are like paranoid omega paranoid. I love baron hood. That's that show just took off it really the people that saw it, love it, which is awesome. Very passionate. Of that show, including me, loved it, loved it. But what I was going to say was back to like confidence as an actor and being able to let things go. It's such a good. I'm sure people get this from long runs of theater and stuff like that, but a long run of a show with the turnover of material. You're like, who cares that scripts gone next? You know, like too late. I think it's it's, it's a very healthy. You're gonna very healthy relationship with like, okay, I did it ventures, not directing this. So you got three takes and we're moving on next. I, what good is it going to do to go home and think about it the rest of the time because you've got to read the next week script. Are you constantly learning lines or is it easy for you to learn lines? I'll say this if the writing is great, then it's.

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