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Her whatever you remember watching monty python back in a day right here the ministry of julie walks lady ah they should look into that you know ministry loves hilly walks man how can you pull that one off it who else he said new funny walk solid time now by beni hill and all day head yeah oh yeah big big john cleese degrees e walks with his long leg demand that school was you know what i i come at so isn't like i've not seen that so since i was a young are all yeah i don't know i don't know where they don't read play um you know if pbs would start playing him again they they could get their money you know that they need met the but in any way i'll tell you why cbs's doing a real good job with the a series called the vietnam experience really there i was watching that 1968 democratic convention in have forgotten how much mayhem was going on in america that was crazy out me and you are the same age so i i kind the remembers i remember my dad mom be an open arms about it on uh oh i remember seeing it on tv but i would have little guy you know hey it all hearing about forever this ever happening he picks up where you know how there was always like hippies driving around in they had long hair.

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