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To pass, no boy, not fun here now trying to leave the San Fernando Valley and the cell four or five and just said Now what will explain it was problem the uphill side in between and terrible of art. And before you get to moan still kind of working, because now the backup and it's severe it starts the German way. Once you get going uphill on the freeway, things are OK. If you like You spoke of the boulevard across the San Fernando Valley floor. It's doing wonderful, safe As a matter of fact, up over the hill. It's still good. So it's your call on that one Now overto Linwood things get a little bit better here. West 105 past 17 couple of earlier problems. It was jam from Lakewood now just approaching 27 10. If you can get on as Long Beach Boulevard on the West 105 from there into l A X, you'll find a little coin but not to better at all injured in an accident, a superwoman super lawyer. Calm, Jeff bark, a F I and this guy, OK, if I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbing banks Dodgers held on to a one. Nothing lead into the sixth inning against the Padres yesterday, but then San Diego's bats came alive, including a five run seventh. The hand the boys in blue a 70 to defeat Robert's still has praise. Hold onto that prays for a second. You're praising reliever Pedro Baez. Pedro. I have full confidence in the end. It's not the trust with plate and clearly I just felt that where he was Pedro That was in a good place as Faras rest and ready to go, and I thought he messed it well. Game two today at 6 10 with Tony Consul in on the mountain, You can hear every dodgersgame live on AM 5 70 Sports presented by your Mercedes Benz dealers of seven California proud supporters of Dodger baseball angels were off They hosted the Diamondbacks at 6 40 today, Julio Tehran will start I'm Wayne Rez. Metcalfe I sports All right, guys, We're going to stay. Shut your friends, a really good gamers. Huge attacker spotted behind the truth. And you're no slouch either job back into your right, Your right. But if you're slow, upload speeds freeze the game because you have cable and you end up succumbing to hordes of marauding Robo Bunny's job. Stop standing there. Run! I.

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