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It was a very similar thing. It was almost more for trout from the area. Jersey native was Westfield Coast Eagles games like every fucking Sunday. So I don't know put the reason I bring this up, obviously is because also Alex bregman six years one hundred million a lot of people getting locked up. I'll quick you know, that Mike trout was almost Yankee, you know, that draft story. Remind me remind I'm looking up. I know they had a pick. So after the comp after the compensate, Tori, maybe for not signing Garrett Cole the before the keys were to pick twenty nine in the first round in two thousand nine after extending qualifying offers to to share and k rod and lose them free agency had the twenty fourth and twenty fifth picks up Heimer called his heart. Skipping a beat when angels took an outfielder from a high school in Texas with the twenty four th pick for a moment. It looked like the angels didn't wanna take a chance on trout. So they thought that he was going to follow them up. Heimer is devastated. When angels took trout with the twenty we're going to take second consecutive heights Clough field therefore picks later. Thank you took a heist cloth from at their own called sleeve, flip Eka. Yep. So I'm pretty sure the angels guy that pick because inky sign to shit or because they extended the share overcame Yankee. So yeah, they were close to getting my China. No. He's painful thing. I didn't need to hear that. Yeah. I've always thought curry in the Knicks type deal. That's now that but it's even worse because. It's like the almost as if that would be if the warriors picked a three point shooting point guard, and then they also pick stuff curry, right? You know what I mean? That's what the they picked cloud fuel there. And they picked another outfielder. It's insane. Also nuts. How late in the first round. He went. Yeah. So I mean, the keys are among twenty five teams. Probably that said, Nope. Not this guy. Not the guy who's pretty much the best baseball player to ever live. They never on a shot. Right. No. I'm saying oh the teams before. That just like had all the chance to the world to take him. And he's the best place. Best baseball player to ever live your tires right now at the age of twenty six years, then he's a whole Famer. He's all right now, he just died or just retired. He's all famous. That's good. His numbers. Are they they stack up with anybody? He's ridiculous. But the reason I bring this up, obviously is because you know, the big elephant the room Aaron judge time lock them up. I think a hate the longer. Wait the long waiting next off season after he wins, the MVP and hit sixty five home runs sixty eight federal prediction for the year. This is like they're in a good spot right now where he's gotten a year and a half of great baseball under his belt. He's just getting better. And better, you know, not that we take spring into account or anything. But if you look at this fucking guy in spring, he looks like a cyborg hitting everything, and he he's got you wanna lock in your face your franchise. They've been doing it with Severino Hicks now, obviously there is the extension curse that we've been talking about. Yes. Don't want to deal with that. But it's being talked about what would you give him? My starting point would be. So he hasn't entered arbitration yet, which gives the Yankees a little bit of an advantage there because whatever you give him if you were to extend them right now, the first three years he getting so much more than what he normally would be getting right? So that allows that number to get a little lower my in my head. I'm not good at this. You know, not a GM, whatever. But I through seven for two hundred around my head that seemed like a number to start at other people like let's give them ten years. Find by any number you give. So the reason I actually don't wanna do it. Now, I think it's too..

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