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Major fever being as you're, Kendrick bounces a routine, too. Grayson on the 38,216 River Fried staying here. My standing Never forget that night. Reds, issuing a statement tonight from Bob Castellani quote Tom Seaver was one of the best and most inspirational pictures to play the game. We're grateful that Tom's Hall of Fame career included time with the Reds were proud to count his name among the greats and the Reds Hall of Fame. He will be missed. I will never forget. June 15th 1977. I was 10 years old. And I was leaving the Reds game with my dad that night, and we were walking across from riverfront over to the Coliseum, where we had parked the then Riverfront Coliseum. I had my transistor radio with me. It's ah handheld radio. You put batteries in and there was a little dialogue and you listen on the radio kids. And I was listening in the marquee in the postgame show Reds wrap up and I will never forget hearing Marty break the news that the Reds had just acquired Tom Seaver. I'll never forget turning up the volume of my transistor radio and on that walkway that overpass everybody else walking out of the game around me. Hearing that news They get Tom Seaver in exchange for Pat Zachary, Doug Flynn, Steve Henderson and Dan Norman. The belief was, it was just what the Reds needed. They had suffered the loss of Tony Perez in the in the off season leading into that 77 season, looking for a three peat they had had some injuries needed pitching, and the Reds landed. Tom Seaver in baseball flipped upside down that night. Me. Consider that one of the greatest pitchers of all time on the heels of the Cincinnati Reds winning back to back World championships were adding Tom Seaver. And it didn't work out. He I mean, he pitch lights out, but the Reds had injuries, and it just didn't work out. The Dodgers won the division that year That night in New York, is still referred to is the midnight massacre. Siebert had a falling out with the organization demanded to be traded. He had a falling out with Dick Young, the legendary columnist in the in the New York New York Post one of the New York papers and just things went really sour, and Seaver went to the front office and said, trade me get me out of here. And the next morning, the paper the back page. It was a photo of Tom Seaver and Big bold headlines. Midnight Massacre Seaver Traded Oh, man. All right, Let's go to the phones. 513749 7100 big ones and pounds 700 on a tea and tea bread. Welcome to Kelsey Chevrolet. Extra innings. Thank you. How are you doing? I'm well, thank you for calling. I didn't realize how you were until you said you had a transistor radio. Hey, I just wanted to make a comment about Seaver. Years back with Siegel was here. I had a cold job of driving a Zamboni machine. And we would cut we would get to talk to the players. Whatever. And Tom Seaver was just an absolute nice guy. A class act. He was the number one professional. And if your kid thought that he was a hero, really? I mean he really wass. He was He was heavy Accolate. See what he was more than just Just that my coyote with people change clothes and come back and sit with us behind home plate. Now tell us stories and all that. In the five kids will recognize that I have to go. I got to get out of here, but he was stable as long as you can. It's just just a nice guy. You everyday guys. This he had no idea He was Bigger deal in baseball. And to see him passed away to be sick like that passed away. It's just It's just heartbreaking for baseball, but The guy was just great. No doubt about it. Hey, Brett, I'm glad you were glad you were listening. It means a lot. You shared this story. Thanks for calling. They thank you. Take care of yourself. You as well. Have a great night. I got another Tom Seaver. Story from Ah Sports Illustrated issue. And I will grab S'more your calls, and I've got a line open. 5137491 7800 the big one and pounds 700 on a TNT Reds win tonight for three over the Cardinals Joey Votto walks it off with a hit. They trailed early rally back, tied the games and drama late. And it ends in victory. Mohr of that to dissect as we continue with the Kelsey Chevrolet extra inning show extra innings. They brought you in part by Western and Southern financial group, helping to make Cincinnati the best place to live work and enjoy life on 700 wlw. With a welcome back to the well of willing one day solve that puzzle. Listen to.

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