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Join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. And that is where we start ransacked Lyon. Let's get to the motor city, John. Krieger has an update. Well, the Rams have been flying a little closer to the sun all day, but they give themselves a ten point person. Thanks to the play of Aaron Donald Dewey dominated the lions offensive line all day. Donald force a Matthew Stafford fumble at the Los Angeles twenty four yard line. Todd Gurley found a huge hole free plays later. You scored on a thirteen yard run early as eighty nine euro down the ground on nineteen carries today is also caught three passes for thirty three yards. More. Importantly, he has his team up two scores. Six and a half to go in the fourth year in Detroit. It's Rams twenty three lines thirteen that would make Sean McVay hickories flying too close to the sun just on that out there. I mean, he's a Greek figure mythology. Okay. Got it got. Yeah. Area. Description took his son twenty he got too close to the sun. I was gonna use it. Yeah. What are you doing today? Not dangerous. Okay. Baker Mayfield going to save his stat line. There will probably have an update forthcoming from Houston in just a moment. Massive drive coming up here for Cam Newton in the Panthers who are just forced to take time out as a play clock. Play clock was winding down third and five from darn near midfield down seven against the buccaneers. It's not a must win because if they lose they fall to five hundred but it's getting too late in the season to be five hundred football team in the NFC. So that's big. I don't know what is wrong with the Panthers. I don't I know we sort of broke down some of the struggles for the Packers earlier, but I don't know what's going on for Carolina all their offensive weaponry. And they have they have great starts to their games. But second half their inept offensively doesn't match the talent. Guys does not match the talent whatsoever right now. I mean bucks are just minutes away from yet another upset victory because it's kind of been the hallmark of their year this year right to start off weeks. One and two with wins over the saints in eagles. And everybody's like oh the box myself included. Thanks came back down to earth the buccaneers. They had all the quarterback drama the back and forth back and forth. And here they are on the doorstep of I would say effectively putting a pin in the falcons season in the Panthers season this year like it's over. They can't get this one is over. So what do we do with? Jameis Winston if he continues to play well down the stretch still minis not the quarterback for the bucks. Here's my opinion. Here's my thing is I it's December. So it is a coach speculation season. Right. I think there's a good not a very good chance that the buccaneers head coaching change this off season. Yeah. And I think that a lot of people I think it's when you take over as a head coach, especially if it's the first time head coach, you're probably going to sit there and say, all right. We can have Jameis Winston for twenty more million dollars and one more season. We can keep them. We can cut him. A lot of cash was on your cash or spending. Right. It's the owners cash, you know, we can cut him Napoli money, right? But like who are we going to get? It's definitely better than James Winston, right? Probably nobody like there are other players who could become available that are better than James miss. But like I don't think there's going to be a quarterback this off season. That's available and like way better than tyrod Taylor much better than James Winston. No. There's a pretty good debate about if he's better at all, right? Other players of that calibre. So I think James wasn't staying in Tampa Bay because didn't think about coaches, you got to remember is this by design coaches, I think in all sports, but certainly in football are confident in their own abilities. If not cocky, you need to be right like if you're a coach it takes over this job, your thoughts should be. I am going to make Damis Winston best quarterback. He can be not. Hey, I'm going to you know, probably not have the ability to get them up to speed. That's where I think that James woods as in Tampa Bay. All right. Well, Jameis Winston is in line to get the football back now about two twenty to play down in Tampa. Is Cam Newton company went for it on fourth and nine and came up short. We have touchdowns update John let's start in Houston. Browns taxes where Scott Harrison has an update. Hello, scott. Hello well Baker Mayfield. He threw three interceptions. Only forty six yards in the first half in the second half. What a difference has passed for almost three hundred yards and just moments ago. It was Rashard Higgins he hauled in a seventeen yard touchdown pass. Still a ways to go for the visitors as we have three or five remaining here in the fourth quarter. And it is Houston. They are leading Cleveland twenty nine to thirteen..

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