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In work and greater right and just a team that's made the playoffs all five years that he has there clothing backtoback appearances in the super bowl super bowl win and another one coming up on a yard short as well so i'm still trying to see where it's broken right now you look at all the other power rankings they have them as a tie four team which i would agree with the top four maybe a top five at fourteen i mean come on when you read that and saw that with your ran are you like what does this guy smoking as he just getting up there is he finally finally hit that curve like a lotta people may do the scene ilady kick in when she had to a certain age in i got i refute it read that came out and i or threaten rural go brown i could give a cop by imperative employ people fell by yeah are there are some guy growing uh omit who like art top by pop out wasting you brought up got all man regain now offer good cop seattle on your made me wonder why working for more have are good code on quarterback because you wanna play maury after car on the kotra quarterback rick mears about rear who iraq a guy who were you're you're not hooper miami and cop whom you're argue i got him great care are usually rear ranking who yonhap girl cow awatef game to other going pure cow on i mean you go over who came here the nfl and it very clear to dhaka go when the all cute and every year and then your.

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