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Twenty. All Right Tommy let's get to what I think is a potential wild story in the making. Of course, it has nothing to do with what will be going on on the field for the Washington football team rarely do these big stories have anything to do with what's going on on the field with this organization but this is a doozy If you've been following this, I don't know where goes but where it is right now is very interesting and potentially incredible when you consider the ownership group of your Washington football team first of all. Let me give you sort of the chronological events of this. Dan. Snyder last week sued a company called Ami A. W. W that that company is media entertainment arts worldwide, they are an India based company and Snyder and Snyder filed last week in an Indian court a lawsuit against this company for publishing articles linking. Dan Snyder to Jeffrey Epstein this all goes. Back to the week, lead up to the post story about a month ago. Now, that indicated that fifteen women stepped forward and alleged sexual harassment and verbal harassment by the redskins. Organization the week leading up to it as as most recall included all of these wild rumors on the Internet one included a story that this media entertainment arts worldwide printed. Snyder had been linked to Jeffrey Epstein. Now, this this group put out a statement saying that That they acknowledged that in public in some of their public statements that there were factual problems with their stories but they denied that outsiders paid for their placement, I'll get to that part in a moment. Snyder's lawyers said that media entertainment arts worldwide intentionally. So disinformation at the behest of undisclosed clients, including governments and intelligence services, and they're often hired by clients that are cloaked behind several layers of anonymous corporate entities. What Snyder's lawyers allege that they do, and then they alleged that they were involved in in spreading stories in internet information that included Snyder being tied to Jeffrey Epstein. Now, the follow up to that Tommy came yesterday when Dan Snyder accused a former team employees in a federal court. Of taking part in an Internet mass information campaign against him, falsely linking him to convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein and using twitter bots that spreaded that spread unfounded rumors about Snyder abusing drugs, holding sex parties and BRIBING NFL referees. Remember those were some of the stories we heard leading up to post story. Here's the detail of the filing yesterday the filing a request for discovery in the Federal District Court in Alexandria Virginia. Accuses Mary Ellen Blair a former Executive Assistant to Snyder of acting as an intermediary for unnamed adversaries. Snyder thanks paid an India based online news company to publish false stories linking him to Epstein that would be the company that I just spoke of the media Entertainment Arts Worldwide Company This is his lawyer speaking Joe Taco Pena. Quote we know someone's behind these slanders and quite frankly despicable articles that were published. We need to understand WHO's behind this. With certainty we want our proof now mary-ellen Blair the former executive. Assistant to Snyder. Through her attorney the Attorney said that That, her client. Denied that her I'm sorry denied that her client had involvement with the Epstein Stories and accused Snyder seeking to quote, humiliate and intimidate his former employees, the filings and obvious into inappropriate attempt to silence. Miss Blair and others who may wish to communicate with legitimate news organizations about the culture of sexism harassment and abuse that has existed at the highest levels of the Washington football team for decades bullying and baselessly disparaging former employees who provide truthful information about their experience with Dan Snyder and his organization will do nothing to repair the reputation he claims in this filing to care so deeply about. Now. Here's the real intriguing part. Let me before I get to this just make sure everybody's clear Snyder. Sues this media company in India for falsely putting out a story that he had ties with Jeffrey Epstein. Then yesterday in a court filing for discovery he accuses his former Executive Assistant of acting as an intermediary for this India based online news company and providing information to them. Now here, Tommy is really I think the part that is going to be very interesting and makes it a must follow story. Snyder's filing yesterday in court seeks documents from mary-ellen. Blair. His former executive assistant as well as from Com stock holding companies a Virginia Real Estate Company that owns rental properties where Blair mary-ellen Blair's former executive system has lived. The filing alleges that Blair receive discounted rent for years while working for for the same unidentified people who funded would snyder believes was an orchestrated fake news Internet campaign against him. Monday's filing appears to mark an intensification between Snyder and the three minority owners of the football team over the franchise's direction. That would be remember. Fred Smith. Bob Rothman and Dwight Shar own roughly forty percent of the organization. While, his name is not mentioned in the Filing Dwight Shar. One of those minority owners seeking to sell his share of the team is the father-in-law of Comstock Chief Executive Christopher Clement shars daughter Tracy Shar is a senior VP ADT com stock sits on the company's board of directors. Comstock again being the company and the real estate. Company that owns rental properties that gave this mary-ellen Blair who worked for Snyder, who Snyder's accusing of providing this information to this company in India discounted rent for years. Dwight. Shar could not be reached to comment Tracy Shar released a statement denying Snyder's allegations and said Blair paid the market rate for apartments that she's lived in to comstock properties since twenty fifteen quote any insinuation Miss Blair received special treatment for any reason is patently false any allegations or disparagement of comstock just spin designed to deflect from public reports.

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