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He's authored six. Harvard business review articles on practical approaches to enhancing collaboration. He's the author of the new book. Beyond collaboration overload were smarter get ahead and restore our wellbeing and is the co author of five books including the hidden power of social networks. Rob welcome to the show. Glad that you're here. Thank you so much for having me. I always wished my wife could hear one of those introductions teller. I do really important stuff when it gets me nowhere though. So if you're gonna. Rob is so i have the same experience. It does how smart we are with clients at home. We're just kevin. And we're just like if i were to say to my wife. I get paid to do coaching. She would say you can get paid to sleep on the couch. You can sleep somebody else currently in you for your coach okay. I am glad you're here. You know the book title subtitle how to work smarter get ahead and restore your well being. I was just on a call with one of my team members him. She said that sounds pretty good. And that's a tall order. So i suppose we should get to it but before we get to the book itself you know. I know lots of people that when they were young they wanted to be a fireman or a doctor or lawyer or something. No one probably wanted to be a professor of global leadership when they were like eight so you know may tell us just a little bit about the journey. That gets you to where you are where i am with these ideas. Yeah absolutely so i actually. I won't start at eight years old. I started at post post us. Nba work in being in consulting. Really enjoying working with organizations that wanting to get adopts and actually feeling good. I could stand behind some of the advice of giving when i was being massachusetts being put into so pursued that the hd and as it was coming out of it. It was during the knowledge management. Chris twenty three years ago and where everybody was trying to design databases and technologies to move ideas around organizations more fluidly and i hit really focused on kind of cognitive aspects of the design. These systems the way other people think. Could we move ideas. Marsin wesley and how you started working in a research group at ibm and group of forty companies involved And the most amazing thing happens. I went out and did my research is..

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