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Saturday's this summer from noon to three pm details at gerard college dot eu at the jersey shore overnight humid lingering showers and rumbles alot of 73 degrees saturday and early morning shower then mostly sunny high eighty four kyw news time nine thirty netizens duty virtual hug medicine partners in the fight against cancer this is kyw news radio 1060 the use of the already in philadelphia good evening i'm frank trainer here at the cbs broadcast center it's a mug these seventy four degrees under cloudy skies still some rain falling and other areas of the kyw listening area as we head down to seventy two in the news at this hour in bucks county all four bodies of the man who were the subject of a grueling search on a ninety acre property have been recovered and identified a murder charges filed against two customs deemed fina carrow tom mayo mark sturgess and jim patrick have all been positively identified with notified older loved warns in philadelphia list of candidates who want to be the interim da is growing with some very familiar names on that list tuition is going up again for pennsylvania state university's their decision had made was that it would essentially race tuition by three and a half percent temple is also hiking the rate i'm kim glovas families with children and philadelphia's child welfare system get parenting tips we all only support what's behind the annual strengthening family summit i'm pat loeb in sports the phillies on the road tonight their trailing milwaukee eight to do extra to rather that game in the fifth inning in business it was an update on wall street friday to end the trading week with some record highs the dow gained eighty four points for a record the nasdaq was up thirty eight and the sp 500 added eleven points also a record i'm cbs three meteorologist lauren casey a flash flood watch remains in effect until midnight for area south and west of center city for tonight lingering showers and rumbles then partly cloudy and muggy with a low temperature at seventy two saturday mostly sunny allege less humid humidor high temperature at eighty eight to kick off the weekend what's in store for our sunday i'll let you know when we check eyewitness weather.

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