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Is kind of like me. I know what you're saying on and the eminem strike force could get better but there were times in the game andrew where those three don't get back they don't get the other side of the ball they don't do the work and it's just from a numbers perspective so that's except the three of them have to start. That's it there. Oh it's just it's not possible for pacino to drop one of these stars who are mega stars. They are beyond their way bigger than that club way bigger than that club. Each one of them individually is enormous A behemoth so they've got to play but there were times when city were pouring forward. And i'd like to give credit to the psc defenders where the numbers. Just don't work there. If those three guys are inactive in the defensive part of the game then it's you know it's a majority of manchester city against the minority defense of ps g. And jimmy carter said it on the broadcast. that's why ultimately city will probably go on and go to the semifinal. Even finally this tournament. Nps g. could be out early The numbers don't work. Here's mark mris goal paper over the cracks. Were now and it might also prove the spark that ignites the so-called eminem strikeforce into becoming the world's best but after a drissa gay seven minute goal had given psc. the lead messi neymar imbaba struggled to gel as a true front three. But that's that's the question. And i think generally city were the better team without ripping. Ps apart but say the incredible bernardo silva miss which. I'm giving credit to donna room because you get the torch as it comes down the initial. The initial hit off the crossbar. His torch plays at really close to bernardo silva so yes to just as body. No he should score. I just one of those. That's harder to miss than it is to me. I think i'm gonna give him a pass. It suddenly come out any swollen leg. And it's just gone that bit bit high and hit so close to the net with no goalkeeper there that even just he should have scored by accident. Yeah bomb given donna room a credit but that's that he should score by accident is true. That's a game changer. for me. i wonder hope he would have reacted with the ca consisting of a an equalizer at that point But you'll notice that guardiola wasn't very like he was his usual incensed on the sideline kind of animated silent but after the game he when he was talking to. Michael annett was guillaume ballet. He was pretty calm. He wasn't too upset on. I don't think this changes cities trajectory. Nor do i think it massively improved what. Psg are gonna do. I agree with you in that. I think pets reaction to this game is is probably the right one like sure they did lose but he's playing the long game here. They're going to go through You know they're they're going to get out of the group stage. And i think considering this one against ps psg on the road manchester city. Where the better of the two teams. I thought over the course of the ninety minutes so maybe he can see that maybe he can see. Okay this is okay. If we can see past the the final score know that we're going to be all right. This was actually an encouraging performance. Yeah and i think what was good as well was that there was no follow from the weekend where we saw Imbaba video of imbaba on the sideline saying pretty disparaging things about his teammate. Who wouldn't pass them the ball dot dot dot particular incident. If we're talking about papering over the cracks not seems to have been buried for now. Anyway i think with ps g. Kind of what you're talking about about. You know these three players who are all beyond next level gifted messy of course on on an even higher plane than than almost anyone else we've ever seen like i think about in the nba when these super teams of formed when it happened with the heat with lebron wade and bosh all three of those guys were next level. Gifted players. lebron is someone who's on another level and they allowed him to be that player. Who's on another level. Dwayne wade became a true secondary option. He was happy to defer. Let libya the guy and chris bosh became a role player address right but a role player. Will these three. Is anyone going to be willing to defer and let messy be the lebron who just okay. You do your thing and we'll do the dirty work. It's such a good question. It's such a good question so you have. Here's the problem you've got messy. Who is such a figure. He's the big figure. he's not deferring tiny one. So as you pointed out nor shooting someone left or right is going to have to defer to him. We have neymar. Who moved s g to get out of this guy shadow although ultimately I'm sure he welcomed messy coming back. What you've got a guy who is on his own mission to win something major before he hits thirty like i say major win something major again like it's still six years since his last champions league wins. And so you've got that guy here. Is he likely to defer no. And you've got an imbaba who wants who wants to get out of the team and his disgruntled as it is wants his move to real madrid so there is so much competing eagle and egotism in the side. They're just they're just gonna be sore fascinating and i don't think we have an answer one way or the other from from this camp. Yeah but it is a good three points for them certainly beating city. No question about that. Let's see we continue. Jj couple more that we want to get to here. Once again. italy getting the best of england. It's a over chelsea one nil. Something i kind of wanted to bring up with chelsea. We've been so complimentary of them this season and rightfully so they've gotten off to a very good start so far this year You start to look at them. So i was thinking about them and looking at them. Across all all competitions. The league uefa supercup champion. Care up everything. They played ten games so far. They've scored one or fewer in six of them. Yeah and i just wonder if we should be expecting more definitely absolutely jacob steinberg had a good tweet about the aforementioned mounts who was missing last two games. A reminder of how vital amount is for chelsea and yes. He wasn't great against bursts but he needs the press links to play the most efficient of all the attacking midfielders. A lot of question marks hanging over adverts even though latter scored winner champions league final just too inconsistent.

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