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Everyone must stay home unless it's medical groceries or exercise. So i guess. The exercise thing applies descends and leaves players. I gotta i gotta go out and play. Nhl hockey so. I'm gonna violate this whole. Stay homeward right anyway. Everybody seems to think it's fine is key carry on but now it's interesting because obviously as a hockey fan i wanted to go on but also have some sympathy for those. Who don't like hockey which must be at least two out of every three people in ontario won't care about the nhl and what. What are they got going on. Because that's the defense. I keep hearing. Oh we need something to to entertain us. If we're being told we must stay at home. Well that's fine. What about the other two thirds of the province. That don't like hockey. What do you do you write them anyway. The point was again into this discussion. About rivalries and such and bill. Daley gary bettman's henchman talk today about the north division which a lot of people are excited about. And it's not just an all canadian. It's this new reshuffling of the deck. This full realignment Lot of people are saying what might not mind this on a full-time basis all canadian. More rivalries from playing teams more frequently. Bill daley pay basically rained on that parade today. He said the intra division play. This is his quote exclusively. Certainly creates a heightened degree of familiarity between the teams. Each game carries that much more importance as an aside by the way james. I would also argue that even if your favorite teams not playing like. If it's an you know it's a divisional game. You're going to get to know these teams very quickly because you know your oil is for example only have six opponents all year. So you're gonna see them again and again and these opponents will then play other north division opponents and suddenly these non oil or games or in my case the non senator games. They're going to suddenly start seeming. That much more intriguing. I think anyway. Carrying bill daley's deal. He said each game carries that much importance. I read somewhere. People are saying every game is a four point game. in that's true. I think that can really be compelling playoff format can be compelling highlighting the rivalries can be compelling butts and this is where he brings out his wet blanket having said all that while. I'm excited for it. I don't see it as a long-term alternative or a possibility for the league in particular. I must a lot about the north. The all canadian division is that something we can see continuing on into the future. I think the commissioner has made that clear that certainly not in our current thought process. We very much consider ourselves one league north american league with markets in canada and the. Us we wanna make sure..

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