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The same thing had happened to her well with their own young one kicking and seemingly dancing along whenever lily James began to sing. Okay. So are they saying the key thing is lily. James singing the ABA Matt says, this Ecorse led me to wonder, is this a widespread? But as yet unreported phenomena is lily, James, some kind of unborn baby whisperer was that just something in the air that night exact? I hope you can find other reports this strange effect. So if you are pregnant or you know someone who is pregnant who've been to see the the new mama Mia film when lily James sang, did the unborn child start to kick off. I mean, I because there's a whole thing about playing music and if you put headphones. Yes, on the bumper, the people, the Jimmy think of classical music and moats on that so stuff alot, of course, as we know apper are the classical music of tomorrow. People look back on and go unit, and my fitting is just you. You can hear the genius of an opportune. You know, I don't think they'll think of is the classical music of any period because it's clearly popular museum, but problem is it will become classical music. You saw Amadeus. You saw you saw can Russell's list of mania. If the whole point was that the pop of today is the classical of tomorrow. Classic is not the same as classical on veasley who you'll pernickety today? No, no. Just being, I think I think precise and not loose. That's the I think. I think it's good that you're being very precise about classic music. Classical child one kicked off unborn child. One kicked off to MC hammer at an MC hammer. Yeah. Come touch with. We both start the king child kicked off. We went to see the firm, the Tom Cruise movie, the John Grisham legal. Yeah, yeah, yeah. John Grisham and we're halfway through that film. Come in thing about it starts to kick off. We actually get to the end of the film just as well because you can't leave off with know just as maybe on the way. So that was yes, kickoff as that was the beginning. I was the beginning that was the beginning of labor was was at the beginning of cruise film. Wow. And but MC hammer was MC. Hammer was just like a a quickening. Yes, I believe they used to say just just just getting into the groove, but is there something about lily? James is singing that induces birth. This is the question posed by Matt retest and wail songs. The other one isn't it? That's the one that's meant to be very good. I think that's just like communist thing in DC's birth? No. Okay. But this is generally. Stop now anyways. We reached that point this. I've reached the end of my age. Eight hundred five eight may be, don't cut it. You Keiko. So a double ninety experience after two thirty with.

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